One person can only go through so much pain until they have had enough and go insane well thats what happened to Madison Lopez. When she has a mental break down after her mom and dad die she is taken to a mental hospital where she meets A boy named Nicholas Harper he will change her life in ways you wouldn't expect a mental patient to.


2. Chapter One.

All I could hear was the family war. your selfish hands always expecting more. Am I you child or just a charity award. - Demi Lovato


Chapter One.

Madison POV 

I could see the bright light coming towards us and I heard the screeching of tires on the road. I remember hitting my head really hard againt the window the last thing I heard before I blacked out was my mom saying 'I love you Maddy". I had woken up in the hospital two days later and my Aunt was standing right next to me crying. I moved a little and she looked down at my and smiled.

"OMG MADDY YOUR AWAKE OMG I HAVE TO GET THE DOCTOR," she yelled and ran out the room.

Imediatley i was surrounds but doctors and nurse getting asked ridiculous questions. Finally everyone had left and a woman and man came into the rooom and walked to my bed side.

"Umm hi," i said.

"Hello Ms.Lopez I'm detective Mendoza and thats detective James were here to ask you about the accident," the woman said.

"Okay, but all i remember is seeing lights and hitting my head."

"Well Ms.Lopez were only asking because this case is now classified as a murder," Detective James said.

"What do you mean," my voice cracking at the end.

"Ummm Your mother and father were killed in the accident and the driver of the other car was killed." 

I looked at them and I felt my body almost shutdown. My hands were shaking like crazy and my tears were flowing out my eyes nonstop. pretty soon the room started to spin and I passed out.


I woke up and looked at the clock that was next to my bed and it said it was 2:40 in the morning and I knew that the dreams had started again. I got  out the bed and walked to the bed room and looked at my reflection in the mirror. My blonde hair was in a ponytail but the loose strands were sticking to my forehead cause my body was covered in sweat.  my light brown eyes were now darker and filled with hate, hurt, and guilt. i stripped from my clothes and got into the shower and let the cold water cover my body. The memories of that night kept flashing before my eyes and pretty soon I was crying. I reached over to the razor that was sitting on the shelf of the shower and gripped it between my fingers. This would be my first time cutting myself. I had been so close to doing it before, i would either get scared or interrputed. I ran the blade over my arm hard enough to cut through the skin. I winced at the pain but then it started to feel kinda good. I did that about three more time. and watched the blood drip out until i started to feel lightheaded so i put my arm under the water. I got out the shower and wrapped my arm up and changed into some clother. I stumbled over to my bed and immediately fell asleep


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