One Direction Imagines

If you want a imagine, please feel free to comment below.


1. Zayn Imagine #1

Zayn Imagine 

You're married to Zayn and have a daughter. Her name is Mina, she's 5 and has cancer. One day, you and Zayn were at Disney, looking at the castle. You take a picture of all you three, without realizing it would be your last with her. "Mummy, I don't feel good." You look at her and see she faints. "Mina, wake up! Please!" Zayn shouts. You call the doctor and they come. They take you, Zayn, and poor Mina to the nearest hospital and she opens her eyes. "Daddy, can you hold my hand?" she says  weakly. "Can Mummy Y/N  hold too?"he says, crying.  "Together," you say. "Can I get Y/N and Zayn Malik outside, please?" the nurse says, looking worried. You both head out. "Y/n, she's going to make it," Zayn tries to be hopeful about the situation. You both look at the doctor and see him frowned. "Doc, is she going to make it?" you say, holding Zayn's hand. Hearing just one word of him say, you cry and hug Zayn. "Sadly, she won't. We've tried everything, but it didn't work. She only has 7 minutes to live," the doctor pats Zayn's shoulder. Zayn gets angry and holds the doctor hard on the wall. "IT WASN'T ENOUGH!" he yells, before bursting in tears. "I'm sorry doc. I didn't mean to," he looks at Mina, through the window. "She's my little princess," he says softly, before going back in the room. "Daddy and mummy, can we sing a song? What about your first song together?" she says, stretching her arm a bit. You and Zayn look at each other and sing. "Moments, it is," you say, and hold each other's hands. All of you sing and Zayn looks at the clock. 2 minutes to go. You all sing the last part "You know I’ll be, Your life,Your voice,Your reason to be, My love, My heart, Is breathing for this, Moments, In time, I’ll find the words to say, Before you leave me today." 1 minute to go. You both give her a kiss on the forehead and say, "I love you." She says her six last words. "I love you mummy and daddy," and she closed her eyes, while the beeping sound grows even louder.

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