One Direction Imagines

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19. The Lunch Date with Liam

*A/N Hello guys long time eh, well I am back now and updating again. Feel free to give me ideas in the comments :) I really have no idea what to write now... well read on!* 

You were waiting for Liam to come pick you up for your little get together at the park with a couple of friends. You finish tugging at your black circle skirt and put on a simple white shirt with a pink blazer to finish it. 

After curling your hair you were finally finished with your look. Liam texts you on your phone and tells you he is in the front. You say bye to your cousin Christine and grab your purse and keys. 

"Hello beautiful" Liam says pulling you in for a hug. "Hello" you say. 

Liam pulls out of your driveway and you both are off to the park. You meet Harry and Daniele at the park already set up. You get out of the car and hug Harry hello. "Hey Harry!" You say while hugging him tight. "Hello to you too Y/N"

You and Daniele take the extra candles out of Liams trunk, and walk over to the blanket and sit down.

"How are you Daniele?" You ask her. "I am actually fine and I feel great now!" Daniele tells you.

"Well thats great!" You tell her while punching her lightly in her arm. Liam snakes his arms around your neck and drags you away from Daniele. 

"Danielee!" Is all you manage to say after he has took you away from Daniele. You and Liam stumbles into a tree and he turns you around and kiss your forehead. "I Love You Y/N" Liam says. "I Love You Liam" you say. 

He pulls you up and holds your hand while walking back to Daniele and Harry. 





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