One Direction Imagines

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7. Niall Imagine #2


Niall Imagine #2:

It's a day before your prom and just a month before, you've had an intimate session with Niall. In the week, you've been experiencing some bad headaches and etc. Just today, you go to the restroom and try a pregnancy test. You're nervous of what can happen and think of Niall. He loves you no matter what and still will, right? You look at the results and get positive. You're going to be a mother. You lock yourself up in your room and cry tears of joy. You think to yourself, "He's going to be the father of my future child." Then, you go to sleep with a smile on your face, before dreaming about your future with Niall and your future child. PROM DAY! You wake up smiling and go to the bathroom. You look at yourself in the mirror and rub your stomach. "I love you," you whisper, before being interrupted by your mom calling you from the kitchen. "Y/N!! Come down for breakfast! Today is your big day!" she shouts. You put your shirt down and head downstairs. "Here you go sweetie," she says, placing oatmeal, toast, and scrambled eggs in front  of you. You say "Thank you mum," but don't manage to look at her in the eye. Your mum gets suspicion and sits down next to you, holding your hand. "Is there something you need to tell me?" she lifts your chin, to face you. You get nervous and say the truth. "Mum, I'm pregnant," you say, before hugging her and crying. "It's ok. Let it out. I understand. That was my case with your father," she says, softly in your ear. "I'm sorry. I should've been careful..." you say, being interrupted. "I know, I was on your position myself," she moves away, and cleans your tears. HOURS LATER.... You put on your prom dress. It was chosen by Niall, himself.  It was blue, with sparkles around it. You paint your nails and get a text from Niall. "I'll be heading down to your castle, my princess Y/N :)." You smile and look at your wall. You and Niall made a heart collage with each other's pictures. You think about something: telling him the truth.   You start to tear a bit, and go to your bed. You sit down and see a strand of light shine at your face. You follow it and see a box. It was covered in sparkles. You open it and see a note. "I have surprise for you :)," the note says. You kiss the note and whisper, "Me too." DING DONG! The doorbell rings and you know it's Niall. You head down and see your mum with the camera. She winks at you and opens the door. Niall comes in and gets on his knees. "Y/N, may you do me the favour and marry me?" he says, showing me a little box. He opens it and shows the ring. "Yes Niall," you say, before Niall putting the ring on your finger. Your mum takes a pictures and says, "Take care of her." He nods and both of you exit. You look at the driveway and see a limo. "For us, to be private," he says. He opens the door for you, and you think about telling him. Both of you sit and settle down in comfort. "Niall, I have to tell you something. It's about us," you say, looking at your folded hands. "Yes my princess," he says worried. "I'm pregnant," you managed to say, before cleaning a tear that fell. "Oh my god! I don't know what to say," he says happily, hugging you. You smile and look at him. "Thank you," you say, before kissing him. AT PROM: the time passed quickly and both of you were having a fun time. "Can we have the love doves down on the court dancing for the live song," the DJ says. You and Niall go to the middle under the disco ball. Both of you hold hands and dance. "Are you staying with me?" you question. "Of course my queen, we'll be raising our little prince or princess now," he says, before giving you a passionate kiss.
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