One Direction Imagines

If you want a imagine, please feel free to comment below.


6. Niall Imagine #1

Niall Imagine #1:

You've been in a relationship with Niall for 4 years and its been great. He's always been worried about you not having your kidneys working and has been asking for donors. It's your anniversary (June 21) and both go out for a picnic. "You've got something on your cheek darling," he says, before putting some peanut butter on your nose. "I'm going to get you lover boy," you say, before chasing him. You start getting dizzy after running really far (past 2 ponds) and you faint. You try to stand and fail. "Niall.... Help me," you managed to say, after blacking out. "We're almost there... Stay with me," you hear. You see some trees... Then, it goes blurry to people surrounding you. "Will she make it?!?" Niall shouts. "We need a donor," the doctor says. "Can I donate?," Niall says, moving the strands of hair from your face. "Niall... Please... Don't," you say, before someone puts a mask and you're put in sleep. Hours pass and you wake. "Where's Niall!" You shout to the nurse who enters you room. "Y/N, we're sadly to tell you that he is.. um.. The donor who sacrificed himself for you. He left this for you," she said, before giving you a letter.


The letter said: Dear Y/N, I hope you're safe now. Don't forget that I love you. Even from the first time I saw you, hope you did the same. I know I won't be talking you, but I'm always going to be with you. I hope you loved me like I did. No one else will love you as much as I did, my princess.


Once you're done reading, you cry and see something fall out of the letter. It was your first picture you ever had with him. DAYS LATER: You cry so much and get depressed that you'll start to self-harm. You look at the window and say, "this is for you Niall." You jump and recreate every single moment with him. You open your eyes to a bright lights that fades to his face. "I missed you so much love," he says, before running to you and hugs you.

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