One Direction Imagines

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12. Niall and Harry Imagine #1:

Niall and Harry Imagine #1:

You've been dating Harry for a while in secret. However, you think it's time to tell. He chooses to tell his best buds first. Harry knocks the door and see he winks at you. "It's ok. It's going to be fast though. They're all here," he holds your hand. "I hope," you murmur to yourself softly. A striped-shirt figure opens the door and greets us. "Hey Hazza! Is this your lady friend?" he jokes, making both, you and Harry, blush. "Hi. I'm Y/N," you say, trying not to freak. You go inside holding Harry's hand and see 3 other figures. "Hey. I'm Y/N," you say, waving at them. "I'm Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall," Louis says, pointing at who the name belongs to. You talk for awhile and see Niall look at you. He had the biggest crush on you since forever! "My girl. I've been waiting to introduce you guys to her," he puts his arm around your shoulders, before kissing you. Niall's face goes in a frown. "Mates, I have to leave. I've got something to do," Niall says, before ignoring you looking at him leave the room. "What's he up to?" Zayn asks. "I don't know. Maybe he needs a breather," Liam says. NEXT WEEK: You're going out to meet with Harry and his friends. However, Niall never comes. One day, you go to the park with Niall alone, because you were mad at Harry. It was dark and you went under a tree and sat down, looking at the moon. He's constantly looking at you. He looks the formation of your faces, and traces with his finger, the pattern of curves. He puts your chin up and you can see his blue eyes look at your lips. He goes in, he kisses you. You didn't know what to say and your mind said do protest, but he refused. He was already in desire of more than a kiss. He was on top and you say the way his face changed. The sweet shy one to the one with smirks and lust. You punched him in the stomach and went running. You got in your car and left him, who was chasing your car. "I loved you first Y/N!" he shouts.

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