One Direction Imagines

If you want a imagine, please feel free to comment below.


5. Liam Imagine #1

Liam Imagine #1:

You've been married to Liam for 5 years. You've a daughter with him. Her name is Taylor, she's 4 and is very advanced for her age. She read books at the age of 2. However, she never talked. You were at the movies with Liam and Taylor. By mistake, you drank an overdose of pills before the movie started. You started to hallucinate things, relieving sad memories of your past. "Y/N, are you ok?" He says, looking worried. Little Taylor turned around and looked at you. She started to hold your hand, within in a matter of seconds, you black out. You're taken to the hospital and see little Taylor cry. She was looking at you constantly. You open your eyes and see you're in a room. You called Liam and Tay, no response. You look at them, they're outside talking to the doctor. In a few minutes, you see Liam cry and picks up Taylor, and join you inside the room. By the look on their faces, you know it's too late. "How much time?"you said, crying. "Y/N, stay with me please," he cries. You start to see people around the bed. There's your family member who've died in the past, they wave at you feel something hard on your heart. It was something on matter of seconds that stopped it. "Mummy no!" Taylor says her first words, you smile the last time and let a big tear fall onto your skin. You've just heard her voice echo through a light, and see her from up above.


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