One Direction Imagines

If you want a imagine, please feel free to comment below.


11. Harry Imagine #2

Harry Imagine #3:

You've been always the rejected and bullied one in class. Even by the town. You decide to go to the nearest club to forget your sorrows. However, the opposite of what you ever thought would happened occurred. Two green orbs were staring at you, every single movement made. You decide to leave, but the curly-haired figure holds your arm tightly. "You're leaving nowhere," he smirks, before biting his lip. Everyone gasps and looks at you. "New Harry victim," a group of girls whisper, thinking they're not being heard. Harry takes me out of the club and we drive to his flat. During the drive, you look at him. His dark curls were messed up, his green eyes were filled with lust, and his lips... Those red lips that were shut together with a smirk. When you arrive, he takes off your clothes and it begins slowly. You just go with his rhythm, since it's your first time. "You're beautiful," he says, before putting his forehead on yours. You connect your lips with his and just look at his eyes. He made you feel special, for once. In the session that you're experiencing, you forget your bullying and the bad past you've faced. "Those people are wrong. You're amazing Y/N," he bit your lip softly, knowing its new to occur. Interrupting from what he said, he must know your past and those bad things. "Thank you. You're the first person in my life to ever say that. Not even my parents," you say, trying not to cry. You focus on the fast rhythm of these two hips moving in pace. He slows down and goes to sit down at the end of the bed with you in his lap, "I wished for this moment for forever. I've waiting to talk you, but it's hard you know. Trying to feel you near me and just, talk to me. My bad past of ladies is what I did to forget you. I tried not to be hurt, but realizing now, they didn't work. They happened various nights and no sympathy in it. In this one night with you, you've changed my life." He lowers his face to yours and kisses you. A kiss that made it clear. He owned you. He was the one. You whisper in his ear softly and say, "I love you Harry." He replies, kissing your neck to your ear, "I love you too, Y/N."

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