One Direction Imagines

If you want a imagine, please feel free to comment below.


9. Harry Imagine #1

Harry Imagine #2:

You've been assigned to be tutored by the nerd in your class. He's the worst thing that will ruin your reputation, since you're the popular girl in school.  "Y/N, you need to make up your grades. It's going to affect you," the teacher says. "Harry Marcel Styles, can you come to my desk?" The teacher shouts. Harry is known by Marcel, because they say the name is awkward. "Yes sir," he says shyly, before tripping by a foot that was stuck out. Everyone laughed, including you. Harry blushed in embarrassment and talked softly. MONTHS LATER: You and Harry are good classmates, he understands you a lot and is liked by your parents. They say he's sweet and a gentleman. Both of you understand each other and it's like he likes you. It's one week before prom, and you have no one to go with. You decide to go solo for the night and go shopping for the perfect dress. You find it and go home. DAYS LATER (1 Day before prom) You go to the park to meet up with Harry and he says he wants to tell you something. "Y/N, I really like you and I would love if you would...erm... Go to prom with me," he says shyly. "Harry, I'm flattered, but you know. You," you say, trying not to be offensive. You feel bad and look at him. His eyes are going to tear. "Please, I can clear up for you. I promise. Just give me a chance," he says, before getting on his knees and kissing the back of your hand. "Ok Harry," you kneel down and kiss him.

He smiles and you both walk down the pond. PROM: KNOCK KNOCK.... The door is knocked by the "new"  Harry.  Your mum opens the door and he gives you a corsage. He puts it on you and says, "You look beautiful Y/N." "You too," you say, shocked at his appearance. You guys leave and go to the prom. AN HOUR LATER: You both have a fun time, but Harry disappears. You are going to look for him and hear the mice turn on. "Excuse me. I want to dedicate this song to my girl," he says, looking at you. Everyone gasps at his look. "Is that Marcel? He looks hot!" a bunch of girls murmur. He sings "Don't Let Me Go." You cry and he hugs you. "You look beautiful," he says, moving a strand of hair from your face. Both of you leave and go to his place. When he was driving, his eye were filled with lust. And that's what happened. You're having an intimate session with him. "You look beautiful. Inside and out, Y/N," he smirks, holding you. "You're more than I expected," you say, playing with his strand of hair, that blocked his view.

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