One Direction Imagines

If you want a imagine, please feel free to comment below.


3. For Nicole

****Dedicated to Nicole****

You got ready in your house for your big first date with Liam. Liam was one of the most cute guy at school and you were his lucky girl. Everyone is jelous of you and Liam being together but it's what ever.

Your phone started ringing so you answered it. "Hello? Yes I am ready... Okay I'm coming out now," And you hung up the phone. You grabbed your purse and keys and headed to leave out the door to Liam's car out in front of your house.

Liam walks out the car and greets you with a simple kiss on the cheek and takes your hand and leads you to the Passanger seat. You get in and Liam gets in his seat and starts to drive to a fancy restaurant in Orlando, Florida. 

You both arrive at the restaurant and enjoy your night. with him. After your date you both go out to get some ice cream.

"Wow It's been a long day Y/N I hope we can do this again sometime soon." Liam says to you.

"I know we really should." You say while laughing.

Liam pulled up in front of your house and opened the door for you.

"I am going to miss you." Liam says. You move in closer and wrap your arms around his neck and kiss his lips soft. 

"I'm going to miss you too." You say pulling him in for a hug.

"So long Y/N see you at school" Liam says.

"Good Night Liam." You say shutting your door.

You slipped down on the door and sat there and said, "What a night"


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