One Direction Imagines

If you want a imagine, please feel free to comment below.


10. For Murphy90773: Liam

For Murphy90773: Liam

Liam was very loving in the relationship from the start, but after awhile, he got dangerous. If you talked to a boy, he would leave them on the floor, bleeding. However, he would never hit you. One day, you went home because you had a fight with Liam, he had hit your co-worker. For that reason, you lost your favorite job. You sit down on the floor and cry. You call your friend from childhood and ask him if he wants to go out for coffee or a walk. He accepts and you meet up at Starbucks. You both got hot chocolate and talk about Liam. He looks really worried about what you’ve said so far, which is only the beginning of his rage. “You’re not safe,” he says, before cleaning the chocolate stain on your lip. “Thanks,” you say shyly, and he just smiles. You guys leave the coffee shop and go walk outside. It’s winter and the floor with snow. You both walk slowly, without noticing that’s it's already dark. “Wow. I must talk a lot,” you say, looking at the sky. In a matter of seconds, he holds your blonde hair and says, “Snowflake.” You look and see your hair wet by the snow that has melted. As you walk near the Big Ben, you see the beautiful light of the city. Everything that was beautiful turned into a dark scene. Liam saw you holding hands with your friends, since you weren’t wearing gloves. He comes near you guys, in rage. “Leave now,” he says, furiously. “NO!” your friend stands up to him. You look at Liam’s eyes and see how they changed, there was no way to stop him now. In a matter of seconds, he throws your friend to the floor. He hits him hard that blood was covering the white snow. You try to stop Liam and nothing. You push him and he hits you. You feel the pain rush through your stomach and leave running. Liam stops hitting him and goes after you. “I didn’t mean to,” he says. You go into his house and lock the door. You sit on the floor, making no sound.

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