One Direction Imagines

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22. For Mercedes


"Its not my fault though. Get over it." He tells you.

"You wanna go through this right now?" You push back your hair and put it in a bun.

"Im done with all of this crap." Harry says.

"Alright so then leave You shouldn't be the one talking its be who should be talking anyways." You say.

"The door is right there for you to leave." You tell him.

"Trust me I will Leave." He grabs his bag and packs it up.

"Your not gonna turn around and come back you swear." You tell him.

"I don't wanna see your face anyways" He says while slamming his stuff on the floor.

"Bye" you say while signaling your hands for kicking out.

Harry gathers his bags while leaving out the door.

Harry's p.o.v

"Why is y/n so complicated. Im done with this crap. Im done with her like seriously." He says while putting his stuff in his trunk.

He starts the car and drives away from his apartment with you.


Your p.o.v

I know he will come back. He cant last a day without me.

You laugh to your self at that thought.

"I don't understand why he always ends up cheating on me. Whenever we get into a fight." You say while putting stuff back in order in the room.

~~~~~ Weeks past

You sit in the Landry mat washing your clothes.

"Wow. He is fine right?" You say to your niece.

"Yeah he is."

Your niece is 13 years old and she understand what you been through. She has lived with you ever since the day her mother died in a car crash. A few weeks ago she arrived at your house telling you and she has lived with you ever since.

"Why is Harry such a bum?" Your Niece asks.

"I have no idea." You say while laughing with her.


When you both finish washing laundry you both go to the apartment.

"Long day right?" You say to your niece.

"Yes." She says.

You jingle your keys into the door and open it.

"Uh y/n Harry is on the couch crying." Your niece tells you.

"Go into your room I will be there in a second." You tell Your niece.

You turn your heel and walk towards Harry on the couch.

"Im so sorry y/N please just take me back." He tells you.

"I know you are." You tell him.

You hold his face in your hands "Im sorry for assuming everything on you. Its all my fault. And your right. I start all the crap." You say to him.

"No baby i'm sorry just give me one more chance." He says.

"Of course." You say.

He picks you up and twirls you around and kissed your lips.

"I missed you" he says.

"I missed you too." You say while hugging him.

Authors note

Hey guys be sure to check out my blog for upcoming updates and new stories.

Bye - Jese

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