One Direction Imagines

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2. For Ketsia

****Authors Note***** This imagine is dedicated to Ketsia.

You called up your friends to go clubbing downtown in New York. "Hey Y/F/N want to go out later on tonight?" You ask."Um.... I can't. I have to go out with my sister and her boyfriend shopping. Next time though, anyways talk to you later bye."Your friend says hanging up the phone.

You go up out of your bed and decided to start getting ready for your night alone in the club. 

You arrived at the club and got in with no problem. The music was pumping loud and everyone was grinding on each other. You had nothing else to do but just stand there drinking at the bar pumping your fist in the air and dancing.

After dancing alone for like 2 hours someone came up to you. He had curly brown hair and was very tall with green eyes. "Hey sweet cheeks whats your name?" He asks you.

Still dancing you replied, "Y/N, what's yours?" You ask. "I'm Harry Styles" He says putting your hand down so that he can hold it. "I really like your name" He says very deep. 

"Thank you" You say while blushing at him. Harry comes closer to your face and kisses your lips passionately. You just go along with the flow and continue to kiss him for what it seemed like a hour when it was only 10 minutes. 

"Here take my number I want you to have it so you know we can keep in contact" He says letting go of your waist. 

You both trade numbers and continue to enjoy your night at the club.

**Authors Note***

Hii I'm Jese I wrote this one the one before mines was Dani's but I hoped you liked this imagine :)

Kik me I will be glad to talk to you guys if you want a imagine written about you and a One Direction member.

KIk- Jesenya18


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