One Direction Imagines

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17. For Jazmin

"... and that's why we are not speaking anymore." You tell your gay friend James. (A/N I have no problem with gay people I just wanted a gay person in this book. I'm happy)  You both were in Starbucks and discussing how you and Harry your boyfriend or shall we say ex got into a fight 2 weeks ago.

What basically happened was that Harry had met another girl and he was supper drunk so he didn't know what he was doing. Harry had took the girl into the bathroom with him and started kissing  her for about 3 hours until you found out where he was. When you both got home you had some serious anger issues and had asked you to sleep with him after he kissed another girl. Of course you said no to him because he like cheated on you. Yes you know he was supper drunk but still not supposed to be doing that. When you got up the next day you found out that Harry has been having sex with her for the past 2 years now. You and Harry were together for 5 years and you found that out now.  You were really frustrated so you just broke up with him because you couldn't deal with that much stress.

"Wow that's just harsh. I feel bad now. My boyfriend used to do that but when he found out that I was cutting myself a lot he stopped and only payed attention to me." James says while grabbing his cup off the table. You got up from the table and walked out the store. You both headed for the park since that was where you two grew up together. The minute you got to the park you seen Harry and you turned around and walked out. "Maybe we can go to another park James this one kind of gets me mad now" You tell James trying to pull him out of the park. 

"No let's stay this is our park. Girl what do you mean you want to go to another park?" James asks with a frown on his face. "I just don't want to be here." You say putting your head down. "Oh I see now, it's Harry over there I see" James says pulling you back into the park and pulls you down onto a blanket that he pulls out of his purse. "Really James? Now your going to do this" You say. 

"Uh Duh!" James says making everyone stare at you two in the park. You take a glance at Harry and notice that he is looking at you and James on the blanket. "James!" You say. "Yeah huh what happened" James says pulling out his headphones. "Harry," You say very low. "He is looking at us." You say. "Y/N I think you should really go speak to him. Because he is creeping me out." James says. "But why I don't want to he broke my heart and told me things that he didn't mean. He was always with that other girl. He has her now, he doesn't need me in his life." You say. "Go talk to the damn creep Y/N." James says. "But?" You say. "But nothing go now." James says.

You get up from the blanket and walk over to Harry. "Hey" You say. "Y/N. I am sorry for what happened and you don't deserve that from me You deserve better. More than this more than me." Harry says starting to tear up. You take a seat next to Harry and rub his back to make him feel better. "Oh my gosh I am going to miss you doing that for me." Harry says. "Look I just came here to see if you are okay not to come ask you back out again so you can break my heart again." You say. "I'm sorry Please forgive me. Can you give me one more chance?" Harry asks with a tear running down his cheek. "Harry look I am sorry but I just can't I don't want to date a guy to does stuff behind my back and you just now apologizing is just like nothing. You should have said it before." You say. "Please Y/N give me only one more chance." Harry says. "Fine Don't ruin it this time." You say.

"Trust me I won't" Harry says. You take Harry's hand and walk with him back to James blanket. "Hey James I got him now." You say. "Good Y/N and I suppose your Harry, Thanks for breaking my girls heart." James says. "Hey James I suppose your Gay and have no life." Harry says. "Well LOOK I DIDN'T GET BACK WITH YOU SO FIGHT WITH MY FRIEND!" You tell Harry. You walk away and and get into your car and drive away.


Authors Note Don't be upset Harry ends up with you anyways :P lol

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