One Direction Imagines

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21. For Cheynee

Imagine for Cheyenne

You and Niall were out for a Lovely Dinner together. It was homecoming again for you two.

Lots of small teen girls fan girling over big boy bands. Seniors dressed up in long silky gowns everything was perfect almost.

Niall did not get you your flowers which really upset you a lot because you didn't have your lilies in your hand.

"I think we should get going. The typical 16 year old rock bands are coming", Niall warns you.

"I know" you say while pulling out your Baby Lips to smooth out your lips. Niall grabs your purse and you both leave out of the restaurant.


You both arrive at the dance and sit down at the nearest table to the stage. Everyone else was in the back but since Justin Timberlake was performing you both stayed to the front.

"Good Evening everyone" Justin says while getting up on the stage.

Lots of whoos and cheers came from the back.

"Nice to see that he came right?" You tell Niall as he stays focused on Justin.

"Yes babe" Niall says while putting his arm around your shoulder.

"Are yall ready for tonight!" Justin says.

"Yesss!" You yell at Justin.

Take Back The Night starts playing and he starts singing.

Everyone moves the tables out of the way to discover the dance floor.

You and Niall made your way over to the dance floor and you both started dancing together.

The room crowded with many people as you all were swaying to the music.

"This is awesome!" You tell Niall.

"I know a perfect way to end our night." Niall tells you.

Many people started singing along to Justin's Singing.

As the song died off you continued to song along until you couldn't stop.

"Baby hahaha" Niall tells you.

You laugh along with him. Niall pulls you close to him and he hugs you tight.

"I Love You." Niall whispers in your ear.

"I know" you tell Niall and he loosens his grip on you and you hold his hand out of the room.

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