Creatures of The Night (A 1D FanFic)

It was all supposed to be a nice simple weekend off for the five boys of One Direction but it soon turned into an old fashion spy movie! On this simple camping weekend Harry and Louis come across an interesting group of young teen girls. Although these girls seem and look normal, they are a part of a power spy force for the supernatural. Find out about the secrets, romance, and epic battles I n Creatures of The Night


1. Camping

Harry's P.O.V

We finally arrived at the grass clearing in the middle of the quiet forest.

"Finally!" Louis and Niall both yell in sync. I see Liam roll his eyes.

"So, what now?" Zayn says looking around the woodland. "I mean It is starting to get dark, shouldn't we get some fire wood?" he asks look to Liam and Niall.

"Good idea, Harry! Louis!" They all yell, turning to us and smirking.

"No!!!" we both whine.

"I'm tired of walking" I say running a hand through my mess of curls.

"Harry, Louis deal with it" Niall says throwing us flashlights. "If it gets dark just use those" he says pushing us along and out of the clearing.

"Jeez! So pushy" Louis jokes. We both start heading into the wood. as we were walking I noticed a shadow fly over head. I look up in awe and nothing. Nothing was there, It probably was a bird or something. I just shrugged it off and continued looking for the fire wood.


About a half an hour later it grew dark. Flash lights were out and lit. I heard a stick snap behind me. I spun around but saw nothing, I was getting a little freaked out by this place.

"Louis? don't you think we should be heading back?"

"Come on! we barley have any-" he was interrupted by an angry, pained yell. We both look around. Suddenly a loud shattering roar filled the cold, dry air. Then a huge purple light flashed, then green, yellow, red! Me and Louis started running in the direction of the noises and  lights. We came to another clearing to see a man. He wore long black jeans, a red T-shirt and black hunting boots. I leaned in to get a better look but then came stumbling into the clearing, Louis came to my side but I could take my eyes off the man. Who was he?

"Leave" I hear someone growl. A girl, I looked over and saw her bright yellow eyes that seemed very menacing. Suddenly the girl can charging at the man.

"Lex, NO!" a red headed girl says assuring the girl to stop. The girl came running at the man but was thrown to the other side of the clearing, falling to the ground. Blood dripping from her head.


A/n: Hey guys it's Erin. This is just an announcement that basically as you can see I'm re-doing this. If you never read my first one, congrats, you can read this one. Oh just so you know, this maybe a little different then the first like I changed some names of characters and the beginning of it a bit so yeah. Also, my friend Lucy (Guadyhoranbaby) will be co-authoring this :) we just wanted to say hi and give a short explanation, Well here's the first chapter :)

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