Creatures of The Night (A 1D FanFic)

It was all supposed to be a nice simple weekend off for the five boys of One Direction but it soon turned into an old fashion spy movie! On this simple camping weekend Harry and Louis come across an interesting group of young teen girls. Although these girls seem and look normal, they are a part of a power spy force for the supernatural. Find out about the secrets, romance, and epic battles I n Creatures of The Night


2. Blue Eyes

Charlotte's P.O.V

"ALEX!" I yell out as her tiny figure came in contact with a humongous tree at the other side of the clearing. I started to run to her but suddenly I was forced over to another side of the grass land. I glanced over at the two boys who have just got into the clearing. Suddenly I locked eyes with one of them. His pricing blue eyes wouldn't look away from me.

"Charlie! Em! a little help here!" I hear Clarissa scream. I look over and see her and Danielle being held by two tall figures. One of them had Dani in a headlock position and the other was holding Clary by her neck. I exchanged a quick look with Emilie, both of us looking scared as hell. My eyes began to glow bright blue, I pull my hands out in front of me and then a blinding white light blasted out of my hands and the wind blew furiously. I see the boy from before squinting at me and then his face came clear with amazement. I glance around me and I see my huge, puffy white angel wings. I begin to flap them and I soar over to Dani and Clary, still struggling with the mystery men. They wore black hoods. I again place my hands in front of me and once again, blue glowing eyes and white lights come and send the two men flying in the air and Clary and Dani fall to the ground. Clary gasping for air and Dani trying to help her. The four of us hear a groan from over by the tree.

"Guys, we still have one more" Alex says pointing up with a shaky hand or...claw, Whatever it is.

"Let me just make this easy for me" Jaxon says snapping his fingers making Emilie and I appear in his grasp. Great...


Louis' P.O.V

Who were these people!?! I glanced over at Harry and see he's as in much shock as I am. We are basically just watching a movie! they're not paying us any bit of attention!

I look back at the two girls who were caught in the guys grip. Both struggling for freedom. The one girl with brown wavy hair had once again caught my eye.  I had almost gotten Harry and ran away back to the others when just then something had started clawing at the tall man. Making as much scares as it could.

"Lex! NO!" the blonde girl yells running at them trying to stop the sharp toothed creature. Her yellow eyes would stop staring straight at the scratched up man. His lifeless body just laying there.

"Damn..." the red headed girl says brushing herself off

"Thanks" blue eyes says looking to who I was guessing was Lex.

"Um...Guys..." one says looking straight at me and Harry. The girls start approaching us when suddenly the blonde starts speaking.

"Are you okay?" she asks. I know exactly what me and Harry were thinking because next thing I knew we both started screaming.

"LIAM! THERE ARE MONSTERS OUT HERE!" we both scream trying to run but soon two very strong arms pull me back and another pair pull Harry back.


"Will you. shut. up!?!" Lex yell at me.

"Oh...did I say that out loud?" I ask smirking at her

"Yeah" she says glaring at me.

"Then let me say it again. GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD!" The girl all at once face palm themselves and they all say at the same time.

"As if life couldn't get harder for us"...

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