Being Payzer's Daughter

Hi! My name is Taylor Payne. Yes, I am Liam Payne and Danielle Peazer's daughter. Every one calls me TJ cause my middle name is Joannah. We live a few houses down from Louis Eleanor, and Harry, and Harry's son; Alex, and Louis and Eleanor's son; Lucas. I have seven siblings and my mom is overly pregnant. We moved to the USA when I was born so my siblings and I have American accents with a little British, but you can hear it. Most people think it's sounds really cool. I don't know, I guess it is. Well hope you like this, it's my crazy life.


8. Chapter 7



I woke up and heard yelling. I opened my eyes and Alex was sitting up staring at the ceiling. I sat up with him and kissed his cheek.


"Who's yelling?" I asked.


"My dad and Taylor." He sighed.


"She's here?" I asked. He nodded. "How long have you been up?"


"Since 6:30. That's how long she's been here and that's how long they've been fighting." Alex said. I looked at his clock. 10:05am. They've been yelling at each other for four hours? Wow. I stood up and put on a pair of his sweat pants.


"Come on." I grabbed his hands and pulled him up. "I will make you breakfast." I smiled.


"You don't need to be cooked." He winked.


"Shut up." I laughed. "Come on, maybe they'll stop yelling if we're down there."


"Fine." He sighed.


"Is Lexi up?" I asked.


"She left to go somewhere." He shrugged. "I'll be right back." He kissed the top of my head and walked into the bathroom. I walked downstairs and into the kitchen and they immediately stopped yelling when they saw me.


"Who are you?" Taylor asked in a snappy tone. She looked disgusted and sounded disgusted when she looked at me.


"Why do you care?" I asked as Harry walked over to me and stood next to me.


"Because I know your not his daughter, and your definitely not mine." She said.


"I'm glad I'm not your daughter." I threw her attitude back at her.


"What's that supposed to mean?" She shrieked.


"Whoa, whoa, whoa. No fighting with TJ." Harry shook his head.


"You don't wanna do that." Alex said, walking behind me, "She'll verbally abuse you." Alex wrapped his arms around my waist and put his head on my shoulder.


"Well, I don't have time to fight with her. I have to go." She said, looking at her phone then leaving.


"Don't come back." Harry grumbled, "Sorry about her." He told us. 


"It's fine." I shrugged, "What do you want for breakfast?"


"Anything you want to make." Harry shrugged. I decided on waffles and bacon.


"This is amazing." Alex said.


"Thank you." I smiled.


"You can stay here anytime you want." Harry agreed with Alex.


"Maybe I'll take up that offer." I giggled as Alex winked at me.





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