Design a Tee: Self-belief

This is my entry for the Jamal Edwards Design a Tee Contest [duh].


1. The Design

[EDIT: I have updated the design from it's original image and have hand drawn the back of the tee using the old one as a reference image. I am no longer a peasant and have acquired a scan-in-machine-thingy, even if the image is a bit meh.]

I wasn’t going to enter this comp, so I haven’t really thought this through; I just got bored and made a thing that kind of evolved into a competition entry. Hey-ho [or, in the words of The Lumineers, Ho-hey], these things happen I guess.

Going along with the brief of self-belief [ooh, that rhymes], I sat down and brainstormed. Whenever I start a project like this I always think, ‘What would I buy if I saw it in a shop?’ In my case it more often than not comes down to black, gothic things, because I have depressing tastes. I’ve always wanted a top with human organs and bones on it, so I started with that. I eventually came to the ‘all you need is a heart & spine’ tag line [that rhymes too].

Basically, to be successful in life you need to have a spine, to be brave enough to stand up by yourself and for what you want/need/believe, and to go into all matters with a heart, to be aware of other people’s emotions and attitudes and act accordingly [and it also helps to have a heart so everyone you meet doesn’t avoid you afterwards, which also gets you places]. The fact that you already have these things inside of you as a human being [as shown metaphorically on the back of the tee] means that you have these qualities with you in every situation, thus success in everything you attempt. Going throughout life knowing this will spark your self-belief. [Complex? Nah, not at all.]

I decided to go for black and white partly because I personally would not wear a tee with bright colours on it, but also because the design is unisex [although if you can get a lad to wear a tee with a heart on it idk]. The heart and spine in the words ‘heart & spine’ are there to even up the coolness on either side of the tee, as I initially felt the back had more epic than the front.

So, please tell me what you think down in the comments: Would you wear it? Do you like the concept? Could I improve in any aspects? And, as always, like/favourite/fan if you think I am worthy.

Oh, what? The cover? Yeah, it's supposed to be upside down. I'm having one of those days.

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