This is the story of a girl who's known to be one of the most dangerous kidnapper. What happens when she kidnaps a boy who's far off her league?


5. Pretend It's OK

Perrie's POV: It was hard having Zayn held hostage. Police would always knock on my front door every morning and ask if I have seen anything. I always tell them no. One Time they tried to search my house because they thought I looked familiar but I told them I get that a lot so they bought it and ran off. It was annoying me so much. "Ugh the police are going crazy looking for him."I sighed as I walked down to the lab. "Well duh! We kidnapped Zayn Malik!"Leigh Anne exclaimed. I blew another sigh and I went down to the cellar to check on him. He sat there on the couch very mad. "Are you OK?"I asked walking in. "Just peachy."He mumbled. I walked over to him putting my hand on his shoulder. "It's alright Zayn. We don't leave you down here and let you die. I take very good care of you."I smiled. He grabbed my hand and flipped me over making me land on my back. I got up and grabbed him by his neck. I slammed him to the ground. "Don't you ever lay your hand on me again."I glared at him. "I was going to be nice to you Zayn, but you can forget it now."I snapped walking out. I slammed the door and locked it. I stomped up the stairs and in to the lab. "What happened Perrie?"Jade asked. "Zayn flipped me."I growled. "Well I guess he won't be getting a very nice Perrie anymore."Jesy laughed. 

Zayn's POV: I hate it here. I don't get why I was kidnapped. On Liam's words. I'm not getting out of here until I'm 24. Dammit. Liam and the other boys walked out. I became friends with them all. "Hey Zayn."Louis smiled sitting down next to me. "Hey."I said. "You sound down. What's wrong man?"Niall asked. "I was kidnapped. That's whats wrong. Also I feel bad."I sighed. "For what?"Harry asked. "I flipped Perrie."I said. They all gasped. "That was the worst thing to do like ever."Harry said. "I know I feel really guilty. I would like to apologize but I don't when she is coming back down. She also said she isn't going to be nice to me anymore."I said. I slumped more into the couch and sighed. "Zayn she should come back down around 6 or 7. That's our dinner. You can apologize to her then."Liam assured me. I still hate it here. I want to be set free. I want to see the sun again. It's what I would wake up to every morning in my bedroom. The morning sun. I miss that sun. There was an opening of a door and Perrie walked back in with fresh blankets. I got up and ran to her. "Perrie I am so so sorry I flipped you."I apologized. She smiled and nodded. "It's OK Zayn. I forgive you."She said. Her blonde hair was up in a messy bun and she was wearing regular clothes. She looked so beautiful. I leaned in for a sec before I realized she already passed me and was handing the other men blankets and clothes she brought in. What are you doing Zayn? Did you just try to kiss her? "No Zayn No."I whispered to myself. That was a horrible idea. I mean come on! She kidnapped you! I shook myself out of my thoughts and took some clean clothes and a clean blanket. "I'll be back soon guys. What would you like for dinner?"Perrie asked. "Steak and mashed potatoes!"Niall demanded. "Alright! Steak and mashed potatoes it is!"She laughed then walked out. 

A/N: Hey guys! So so so sorry I haven't been updating on anything! I've been on writers block lately. I'm running out of ideas but I'll come up with something. Hope you like this chapter! Sorry if it's short and suckish!! 






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