This is the story of a girl who's known to be one of the most dangerous kidnapper. What happens when she kidnaps a boy who's far off her league?


3. Madhouse

Perrie's POV: The next few days has been a hassle. Jade has been spying like crazy on Zayn, Leigh Anne has been finding so much facts about him that really interest me. Wait Perrie! What on earth are you saying! Zayn's your victim. Your going to kidnap him and make him join the boys. I snapped myself out of it by shaking my head. I took another sip of coffee as Jesy wrote down some more facts on the touch pen board that Leigh Anne told her. This Friday is the night we're going to kidnap Zayn. It's also the night the baddest murderer in town gets released from jail. So police will be out all night. Jesy's going to have her hands full. Not to mention the security guards Leigh Anne and Jade are going to have to distract while I sneak into the bathroom and somehow get Zayn to follow me out. It's how we got all of our boys locked away in my cellar. It's going to be tricky but we're ready. "All right let's start training."Jesy said and we all went to the gym in the other room. Jade got on the treadmill and I started on arm weights. Jesy did the elliptical and Leigh Anne did the push ups. We did this training in case we need to fight our way through. Which is all the time. We switched around until we were back where we started. "That was a good work out. I'm definitely feeling strong."Leigh Anne smiled. We finished our research and took a 20 minute break when I heard clanging,banging and yelling coming from down in the cellar. "Oh no!"I yelled running downstairs. I unlocked the door and pushed it open. "What is going on!?"Jesy screamed from behind me. They all were afraid of Jesy since she wasn't really pleasant with these boys. "Liam did it!"Louis confessed. I looked around and saw men beat up rolling in there own blood. Liam sat there with his hand clenched in his hair. I looked at Jesy and she nodded saying she's got my back if Liam tries anything. She stood by the door as I walked toward him. He looked up his eyes watering in tears. "Perrie I didn't mean to do this. I just don't know what has gotten in to me lately."He sighed. "It's alright Liam. Maybe you need some fresh air."I assured him. "So you'll let me free?"He asked. "No but I think I can manage you coming up from the cellar for awhile. Is that alright Jesy?"I asked turning around. "Yea just let me put things away first."She winked heading upstairs. I heard somethings click and she came back downstairs. "Alright Liam come on up."She insisted. "Wait what about us?"Harry asked. "No."Jesy assured them locking the door. Liam followed us upstairs to the basement. So Jesy put away the lab. She's smart. Liam followed us up to the kitchen and he gasped at the light. Leigh Anne and Jade were sitting at the kitchen table drinking some tea. "Liam would you like a cup?"Jade asked. I'm sure Jesy told them what had happened. He nodded. "That would be nice."He smiled. "Liam your filthy. Maybe you should shower."I smiled. He nodded and followed me up to the bathroom. I turned on the shower. "I'll get you some clean clothes."I smiled walking into the hall closet pulling out a pair of boxers, a tank top and some black sweats. I knocked and he said come in. I placed the clothes on the counter then stood by the bathroom door so when he was done with everything, he wouldn't try to sneak out. I heard the shower stop, some ruffling around then he opened the door. "Uh could you fix my quiff?"He asked. I nodded and fixed his hair for him. "Liam I don't understand why you hate it here. I take real good care of you guys."I assured him. "Well it's not the same. I'm used to having windows and not living in a cellar. I mean I don't get why you kidnapped me in the first place. I was supposed to hang with my best friend Zayn then you kidnapped me."He said. My eyes widened. "W-well I'm sorry. But we kidnap boys for a living. It's our thing.Besides the more you stay here the more you'll never want to leave. I mean we just got you boys 5 months ago."I said. Did Liam just help me get closer to help catching Zayn? I smirked. I have a plan. "What are you smirking about?"He asked. "Just a little inside joke."I lied. He nodded. "Anyway thank you for fixing my hair and I think I'm going to get my tea. Then I think you can send me back downstairs.I'm alright."He said. We walked downstairs and Jade had a lot of tea mugs out filled with some tea. Liam took his cup and the girls and I followed him downstairs carrying trays of cups for the other men. We walked back down to the cellar and Jesy opened the door again. "Liam you've returned!"Niall cheered. "We brought you all some tea."I smiled handing each boy a mug. Liam sat down at the table. He drank his tea not talking to anyone. "Jake could you do the dishes?"I asked. He nodded and washed them. "Well we best be going. See you boys later."I said. I locked the door and the girls were already upstairs. The lab was back. "I got an idea."I smirked. "What is it?"Jesy asked. "Liam said he was close friends with Zayn. I could use that against him. Like say I know where your friend is if you come with me. I could show you to him."I said. "Perrie that's brilliant!"Jade remarked. "Why thank you."I smiled. "This is going to be the best kidnap yet!"Leigh Anne squealed. We all agreed. Now we just have to wait for Friday to arrive then Zayn will be ours. 




P.S. More of Liam's actions are soon to come. Don't think I randomly made something happen ;)




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