This is the story of a girl who's known to be one of the most dangerous kidnapper. What happens when she kidnaps a boy who's far off her league?


1. DNA

"Perrie! Come quickly!"Some one shouted from the living room. I live by myself. "Coming!"I shouted back. I ran downstairs to be surprised by my girls. Jesy, Leigh Anne and Jade. "You guys! I haven't seen you in forever!"I smiled hugging them. "We need to talk business."Jesy said. I nodded and we went down into the basement. Every boy we kidnapped, pictures of them hung on the wall. "DNA hasn't been the same since I've been thrown in jail."Jade said. She was caught and blew our whole mission. DNA was our team name. I was the kidnapper, Jesy was the one to distract the police. Jade's the spy and Leigh Anne was the smart one. We were the number 1 kidnappers in England. "Who's our next victim?"Jesy asked looking threw our list of boys birth records. We stole a copy of the birth records from the hospital. "Let me take look."I said letting her hand it to me. I looked threw until I found our guy. Zayn Malik. He was perfect. "What about Zayn Malik?"I suggested. "Perrie have you lost your mind! The Maliks are the richest family besides the royals. We'll be dead if we set foot on their property!"Jesy yelled. "But if we do kidnap Zayn, we'll be the highest of them all. Then they won't even mess with us."Leigh Anne said smirking. "Leigh you may have the smarts but am I the only one not worrying about fame? I mean yes it would be great to have Zayn but I mean come on Zayn Malik? He's the prince of London!"Jesy yelled. I sighed. Maybe she's right. I mean Zayn is pretty protected with the body guards surrounding the house during the day and the lasers at night. "Wait a minute. What if we get him while's out. Like when he uses the men's room. We've walked in there before to take out our opponents."Jade suggested. Leigh Anne's eyes lit up and her smile turned to a grin from ear to ear. "Your smart Jade. Very very smart."She said high fiving her. "Well I like this plan. I'm in."I said putting my hand in the middle. "I'm in."Leigh Anne said putting her hand in the middle. "I'm so in."Jade smiled putting her hand in. We all looked at Jesy and waited for her approval. "Oh all right fine! I'm in!"She said and put her hand in the middle. I looked at everyone. "It's in his DNA D-D-DNA it's in his DNA, and he just takes my breath away, b-b-breath away, I feel it everyday and that's what makes a man, Not hard to understand, perfect in every way, I see it in his face nothing more to say it's in his D-D-DNA"We sang. We always sang this before we started a mission. I know it's a little weird but it's lets all know we're in. "Alright let's start planning."I smirked running over to the drawing board. I pulled out the pen since this was a touch screen board you could right on. I turned it on and flicked the on switch on. Things flipped around even the board. Our outfits turned around from the wall. "Alright I'll start pulling up facts on him and what he likes to do."Leigh Anne said sitting down at the computer. Jesy read his birth records in the book. "Perrie I found some things."She said. I opened the pen cap. "Spill it."I said. "He was born January 12,1993 at 10:00 am weighing 8 pounds. His blood type is B."She said. "OK got it down. If anything we have B blood in the fridge if we need it."I smiled. "I got somethings."Leigh Anne said. "Alright."I said. "His Mum and Dad's name is Patricia and Yaser Malik. Not like we already knew. Uh he can not swim and he has three sisters."She said. "The can't swim thing is good. We can hold that against his will. I never knew he had three sisters."I said. "No one knew. Everyone keeps them in hiding. I guess from people like us."She said. I nodded. Probably why. "Alright that's enough information on his personal self. Jade go out and see where he hangs out."Jesy demanded. "She nodded and walked over to her uniform case. She pressed the button and pulled out her outfit. She walked into the changing stalls and came back out. "I should be back by 10. If not come find me."She smirked running towards the gadgets. She grabbed her things and ran out our door. 

Jade's POV: I had to be extra careful not to be busted by the police. That would suck now wouldn't it? I ran in to the dark. I pulled out my phone and pressed my locator button. "Who are you going to find?"It sang with it's robotic voice. "Zayn Malik."I said. It did a search sign and the map popped up with a little red dot. That means I found him. He isn't far from me. I climbed the building to the top and I ran across the rooftops. I ran until the blue got was above the red. I was right above him. I looked down and saw him at the hottest club in town. I took a pic and sent it to Perrie and the girls. I watched him walk out surrounded by at least 5 bodyguards. I climbed down from the building and followed. I watched my surroundings before I went across the street behind them all. Zayn walked into another club. It was the twister. I took a pic of that and sent it to Perrie. I needed to hear what the guard was saying to him.I tried to hear what he was saying with my headset. "Zayn! Thank goodness to see you! Hey thank god you come here every Friday!"The guard of the club said hugging him manly like. Well this is interesting. I smirked. I think I've gotten enough evidence for tonight. I ran back to the DNA lab. "Well what are the clubs about?"Leigh Anne asked as I walked in. "It turns out he goes to the Twister every Friday. I think the hottest club was a once in a life time thing."I assured them. "Good job Jade!"Perrie smiled hugging me. "Great! Now we just need to sneak in there when it's the right time. Wait until he goes in to the men's stall and take him there."Jesy said. We all nodded. "Well I better get going. Mum doesn't need to worry about me being late again."Jesy said walking out. "Yea I better get going too."Leigh Anne said. "Hey Perrie could I stay the night? My parents want nothing to do with me."I sighed. "Of course you can!"She smiled. "Jade just help me check on our other victims."She smirked. I nodded and followed her down another stairwell. Our kidnapped victims were all still alive. I have no idea how. We captured all four bachelors, Harry Niall Louis and Liam. They all somehow still had there abs. Only there tuxes were ripped up and they were covered in filth. We captured others too but they were men with business job, we had young doctors, dentists and of course the business men were young. When they turn over 24, we set them free. They dare never speak of us. "You guys hungry?"Perrie asked pulling out food from the fridge. They all nodded. I don't understand why they don't just get up and open the fridge themselves. I mean Perrie takes very good care of these boys. Some don't even want to leave. She doesn't hand cuff them. In fact she has beds for them, a flat screen T.V., an X-BOX 360. The bathroom is beyond perfect. She lets them outside once a week but she makes them do yard work. Normal kidnappers leave them in a basement maybe with some food. But Perrie treats them like she's their wife. The only three that give her a hard time were the bachelors. Liam would always yell for help and Louis would sass the heck out of Perrie. Harry would try to flirt with her. But Niall loves it here. Only for the free food and the 75 inch flat screen in the back room. Each boy sat in there seat at a table and Perrie and I gave them plates filled with food. Every man dug in to there food. "Who's this Perrie?"The one doctor said shoving food into his mouth. "I know who she is. That's the spy."Liam mumbled. The doctor nodded and pointed his fork at me. "Now I remember you! You stole my cell phone."He chuckled. I laughed awkwardly. This man was a psycho. "Don't mind him Jade, he's my absolute favorite. He's always happy."She said. I nodded and shot a smile at the man who apparently loved his pasta Perrie set out for him. "Perrie could I have another helping of pasta?"Niall asked. "Oh of course!"She smiled taking his plate and re-filling it with pasta. "Well guys I have to go! See you all tomorrow!"She blew a kiss and we walked out. She locked the door and shut the wooden handle in front of it. "They really love you Perrie."I said walking up stairs to the lab. "I know."She said prancing up the stairs. I took off my outfit and put on my regular clothes. Perrie turned down the lab and we headed up another staircase to her house. "Perrie could I borrow a set of jammies?"I asked. She nodded and handed me a pair. I changed and went to the guest room. I fell asleep quick. 

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