This is the story of a girl who's known to be one of the most dangerous kidnapper. What happens when she kidnaps a boy who's far off her league?


9. Cannonball

Perrie's POV: I really didn't want to talk with Liam. I know I was supposed to but I didn't want to deal with him. He never listens to me anyway so I sent Leigh Anne in to do it. She's good at talking. Zayn on the other hand, I don't know. I think I'm falling for him. I know if I do that then the girls will think I'm turning against them, and I don't want that. Other business than Zayn, Jesy has been keeping her eye on this George Shelley person, which I think is a bad idea. Not for the boy, I mean he is good looking. But with the fact that Zayn was just taken last week. They'll think it's a pattern. I don't know. Maybe I'm wrong. But I still don't approve of this. I played with my pen as Jesy and Jade searched through the computer on Union J's history. "OK well we know they're performing the fall mixer. Should we catch him then?"Jesy asked. Jade shook her head. "Not when they're a lot of security. Especially with the fall mixer. We need to get him when they'll least expect it. I mean they caught Jade spying. We need to wait." I thought for a moment and pulled up George Shelley on medical files. It says he goes for a weekly check up for his wrist that he broke. It says it takes a slow time to heal. "Well he has an appointment every Wednesday for his broken wrist."I spoke. Jesy turned and looked at me. "So we get him next Wednesday?"She asked. I looked over at Jade and she nodded. "That seems to be the best time. I mean no security. We can disguise ourselves at some nurses then catch him that way."She said. I nodded in agreement. "I do play a nasty nurse."I joked flipping my hair in a sexy way. The door opened and Leigh came back up. "How did the talking go?"Jesy asked. "Not well. Liam had a panic attack. As usual."She sighed. I feel bad. I mean all he wanted was to be free. But I had to stay focused on task and try not to worry as much. "OK anything else on George?"Jesy asked. I looked through the paper and shook my head. Jade shook her head. "OK we'll pick this up tomorrow then."She smiled. 

A/N: Sorry for not updating, this is just a fill in chapter. Get's better from here ;) PROMISE YA

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