Lay Your Burden Down (One Direction)

A depressed teenager named Paisley has had a rough couple of years. She finds out she has a cousin, will he be the one to guide her to happiness? Will her crush result in heartbreak or a fairytale. Read more to find out.


7. Chapter 7

Paisleys POV


I sent Niall down stairs to answer the door because I had a good feeling Paige and Niall were going to hit it off very well.  I am a devious match maker!  After 5 minutes later I creep down the stairs I decide to ruin the moment to announce I'm going to the 'store', yeah right I'm just getting out of the house so I wont have to witness some baby making and I can keep my virgin ears and eyes.


I decide to walk downtown and visit some shops to see if I actually like anything for once.  Before you ask yes I cleaned myself up after my meltdown earlier.  Anyways I was walking around aimlessly before I heard a bunch of shouts behind me I turned around to see that they were yelling at me.


A bunch of name calling and profanities made me pick up my pace before being pushed to the ground.  I don't even know these people they just keep pulling my hair, pinching and punching me.  I opened my eyes to see 2 boys and a girl, their faces were unrecognizable.  The beating continued before an old man from the stores yelled at them and made the take off running.  The kind man asked if I was okay and if I needed anything, I quickly declined and limped home sobbing into my hands.  My house came into my view 5 minutes later and I just walked in to see Niall and Paige talking but their focus on each other was soon moved to me as I hit the ground.


~hours later~

I woke up in my bed confused but then realization hit me like a brick.  I took in the surroundings in my room to find a worried looking Paige and Niall.  When they noticed I was awake they quickly rushed over to me, I saw Paige's eyes we bloodshot and Niall looked like he saw a ghost.  Questions came flying out of them so fast I only caught a couple of them.


"Who the fuck did this to you?", "What did they do?", "Where were you at when this happen?",  those were several of what seemed like a hundred.  "Umm I was walking down town when all of a sudden these 3 people started shouting at me, chased me down, punched me and all that until a shop owner shooed them off." I stated answering the questions at once.


Their emotions when from worry to anger in less then a second.  They excused themselves from my bedroom probably to go talk about solutions.  20 minutes later they walked back in and basically told me this town isn't safe for me anymore.  I get bullied to much and with todays events I need to just leave.  I have no where to stay and I cant leave Paige.  Its almost the end of senior year and we have the concert.  I bring those points up and they nod and tell me the concert doesn't matter and that I'm still going but I cant continue to live the way I am. What am I going to do?





Niall's POV

I was beyond furious that she got beaten up.  I'm extremely worried for Paisley, she freaking fainted.  Once she woke up she explained to Paige and I and I was ready to kill someone.  Paige excused us from the room and into the hall way.  She went into detail about Paisleys mom and bullying.  All of a sudden I get an idea that she needs to get out of the town and move far away.  I know she wont leave without Paige so Paige agreed to go wherever needed so she can be out of harms way for a while.


We entered the room and told her what we were thinking.  Apparently they had tickets to my concert which of course they still could go to but she mentioned about it being her senior year.  You could tell she was panicking but I knew exactly how to work all this out.  Online classes and a flat in my apartment complex in London!   She obviously wouldn't stay in mine because that would probably be awkward but for her and Paige to share their own would work.   Now I just got to figure out how to get her to go along with it but I'll wait till after the concert.





(A/N: this is probably the worst chapter in the world because im half asleep.  I may or may not update tomorrow.  What do you think is going to happen next? What do you think is going to happen with the Paisley situation?  What should happen next or later in the story?  Let me know your suggestions in the comments! Let me know what you think! Love you.) *take_your_records*






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