Lay Your Burden Down (One Direction)

A depressed teenager named Paisley has had a rough couple of years. She finds out she has a cousin, will he be the one to guide her to happiness? Will her crush result in heartbreak or a fairytale. Read more to find out.


6. Chapter 6

Paige's POV



As soon as Paisley told me to come over I was out the door in a heartbeat.  I'm not sure if she needed to vent or just wanted to hang out but whatever.  I hop out of my car and walk up to her front door, ring the door bell then just wait, sounds thrilling right?  I texted my mom that I was here right before I heard the door swing open.  My jaw probably dropped to the floor, I was in such a state of shock, there standing in front of me was Niall Horan.  Not that I'm complaining or anything but he keeps staring at me, he probably thinks I'm the most disgusting human being to walk the earth but hey what am I going to do?


I cleared my throat before speaking, "Hey, um is Paisley here?" I questioned he nodded his head but before he pointed upstairs he wrapped me in a friendly hug. "Hi, I'm Niall.  Sorry but I think hugs are better then handshakes.  I hugged him back before introducing myself "Hello, I'm Paige, Paisleys best friend.  I know who you are and I'm surprised I'm not on the floor right now and if the hug is coming from you it beats a handshake any day.", I winked as I said that which made him chuckle.  His laugh is so freaking contagious and don't get me started on that Irish accent.


"I hate to interrupt the hug fest but I'm going to the store so y'all need to get to know each other and use protection", a voice behind Niall stated, I knew it was Paisley so I giggled at her being so blunt.  We both mumbled an okay and with that she left the house.  I scurried over to the couch in the living room, turned to Niall and asked the question that's been on my mind the past 5 minutes, "not trying to sound rude but why are you here?"


He then answered explaining to me that they just found out they were cousins and his father was Ms. Marie's long lost brother.  We made small talk asking each other simple questions. I asked the usual questions about being a celebrity and what he does when he's not in the spotlight, apparently he doesn't get asked about that because all people care about is the fame. Niall told me that Paisley and I are the only ones who actually don't care that he is famous. 


We continued to talk for what seemed like 5 minutes was really an hour.  His next question really caught me off guard, "so this might be really weird of me to ask but can I have your number because I would love to talk to you more when I cant see you." I mentally awed and typed my number in his phone as he did with mine.  This is the best day in the world.






Niall's POV



Paisley rushed me down stairs to answer the door while she stayed in her room.  Apparently I'll thank her later?  I opened the door to the most beautiful person I've ever laid eyes on.  When she saw it was me her mouth flew open and just stood there in shock.  I'm pretty sure we stared at each other for at least 5 minutes before she asked me if Paisley was here.  Gosh her southern accent was the most adorable thing I've ever heard.


I just nodded before I realized I probably look like an idiot just gawking at her.  I didn't know what to do so I just hugged her and introduced myself.  Gosh she probably thinks I'm a creep, all of a sudden I feel her hug me back and I smile.  She said her name was Paige, made a comment about her being surprised she's not on the ground right now and that if I'm hugging her then it beats a handshake any day.  She's random, a flirt and honest, I love it.  I just chuckled in response to her comment before Paisley walks in telling us she's going to the 'store', I know what she's doing so I remind myself to thank her later.


We were sitting on the couch asking each other questions and I'm surprised when she asks me what I like to do when I'm not in the spotlight and how I feel about everything.  She actually sees past my fame, this makes her even more beautiful.  I gathered up the remaining courage I had and asked her for her number, I think I made her blush.  She's so cute when she blushes.  We exchange numbers before going back to talking about randomness for a few more minutes until Paisley walks through the door with a red tear stained face and bruises everywhere.  This is not good, not good one bit...







(A/N:  Sorry its kinda short and a little boring but anyways what did you think of this chapter?  What happened to Paisley?  Niall and Paige hit it off pretty well, what do you think is going to happen with them?  What's going to happen next?  Tell me what you think in the comments. Love you!) *take_your_records*






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