Lay Your Burden Down (One Direction)

A depressed teenager named Paisley has had a rough couple of years. She finds out she has a cousin, will he be the one to guide her to happiness? Will her crush result in heartbreak or a fairytale. Read more to find out.


18. Chapter 18

Paisley's Pov



My phone vibrated next to me, stupid thing woke me up.  I felt 2 strong arms wrapped around me, I smiled at the memory of yesterdays events.  Only meaning when I expressed how I felt towards Louis.  Maybe everything is starting to go in a positive direction.  I felt around for my phone trying not to wake Lou,  the bright screen hurt my eyes so I linked a couple of times before opening the text message from Paige.  Once I read her message I knew it had to be something she really wanted.


Paige: OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG guess what happened yesterday!

Paisley: umm Niall asked you out?

Paige: How did you know?

Paisley: B/c you both obviously like each other a lot and he was bound to do it sometime, anyways I'm really happy for you but I'm going back to sleep, its only 10! bye

Paige: whatever you bum! and thanks! have fun with Louis(; bye


I gasped when I read this, this girl thinks that because she got a boyfriend now she thinks she knows everything.  Let me tell you something, she doesn't, well maybe a little.  I wouldn't mind having "fun", I really need to get out of fangirl/fanfiction mode.  I felt Lou's arms around my waist squeeze a little tighter and pull me closer to his warm chest.


"Good morning beautiful, did you sleep well?" he asked.  Gosh his morning voice is so attractive.  "Morning, and yes I did, what about you?" I blushed when I said this,  "this has been the best sleep I've had in forever thanks to you.  We should really get up and ready because we are all going out today."  I just nodded and tried to sit up but was pulled back onto the bed.  "no good morning kiss for me?" Louis pouted. I leaned over and gave him a soft kiss on the lips before getting out of bed.


When I turned around Louis was sitting up in bed with his arms crossed, pouting.  His hair was everywhere which made him look more adorable.  "what is it this time?" I asked with a giggle, "that was not a proper kiss, I think I deserve a better one!" he retorted.  "well I don't know about you but I need to brush my teeth so you'll get a proper kiss once you brush your teeth." I told him which resulted in him jumping out of bed and running into the bathroom.  I walked behind him to brush my teeth, he finished before I did and the second I finished rinsing the mouthwash out I was pushed and against the counter and pulled into a passionate kiss.


The kiss seemed like forever and once we pulled away he rested his forehead against mine while a smirk appeared on his face.  "Now that is what I call a good morning kiss." Lou said breathlessly.  "if that was good morning, i'd love to know what good night is." I said with a wink,  his face was priceless.  I gave him another peck on the lips before getting dressed.


We met everyone about an hour later at a small little café, everyone else seemed to know what we were doing except for me.  I just acted like I knew and followed them.  We were walking for about half an hour before I realized everyone except Niall was gone.  "where did everyone go?" I asked trying to not to sound worried, he just smiled and told me to keep quiet.  After about another 15 minutes of walking we were arrived at a theme park.  No one was there except for the workers. Niall told me to go straight until I reach a purple roller coaster,  apparently I would find out what was happening then.


Once I got there Harry was there with a camera and Zayn was sitting there with a stupid smile on his face and something in his hand.  I was basically pushed onto the roller coaster with Zayn, we both screamed the whole time and once we got to the part where they take your picture Zayn held up a giant piece of paper but I didn't get to read it because we were escorted off the ride to go see the picture. With Harry following behind us three looked at it,  it was hilarious and confusing.  Zayn's sign said 'Will'.


I didn't even get a chance to ask anything because I was pushed on another ride with Liam, we both laughed the whole time, once again another sign was help up for the picture.  He told me to be quiet when I kept firing questions at him. When we arrived at the picture stand I searched for the sign, this one said "you".  I decided to keep my mouth shut and just go along with it while Harry was probably pulling me to another ride.


This ride I found Niall sitting there patting the seat next to him I automatically sat down next to him.  All of a sudden he starts laughing so I cant help but join in, on the was up the big hill I ask him what was so funny and he just tells me it was something Louis said last week wow.  Can you guess what happened next?  Niall held up a sign that said "be". I'm not even complaining, I get to ride free rides, I'm just a little confused.


I trailed behind Harry towards the tea cups where we met Louis.  He grabbed my hand and pulled me onto a blue teacup.  I couldn't help but laugh and try not to fall over. I enjoyed this ride a bit more because of you know who.  We went to look at the pictures and Louis sign said "my" with an arrow pointing to him self.  Trying to figure out everything in my head I was pulled to another ride were we met everyone.  I was sat next to Paige and saw a paper in her hand, maybe I'll find out what is going on in this ride.  It was the best ride so far so maybe its saving the best for last?


We walked to the pictures and I noticed all of them next to each other.  I read all of the signs out loud "Will you be my girlfriend?"  I looked over and saw Louis standing there with two papers that read yes or no.  I just nodded yes and gave him a big hug.  This is officially the best day ever and the cutest thing in the world. With that we all just rode rides for a couple more hours.  I'm the happiest girl ever.






(A/N:  hey guys sorry I didn't update all week! ive been sick and I was in a car accident but im okay.  I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Paisley and Louis finally got together.  What do you think should happen next? I'm going to try to update sooner but its been a little difficult with school and the past week.  Also I wanna know more about you guys! Where are you all from? also if you have any questions for me you can comment below or follow me on instagram and twitter.  Love you!) *take_your_records*








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