Lay Your Burden Down (One Direction)

A depressed teenager named Paisley has had a rough couple of years. She finds out she has a cousin, will he be the one to guide her to happiness? Will her crush result in heartbreak or a fairytale. Read more to find out.


17. Chapter 17

Louis POV


I cant believe what a day this has been.  It started out alright, turned to shit and then became one of the best days in my life.  What surprised me the most is when she kissed me, she sure knows how to shut someone up.  I couldn't even form a proper sentence after it,  I know I probably sound all girly right now but who cares? Not me, its the truth.  After we pulled away and I couldn't say anything but ask what it was, she though I actually didn't want to kiss her. How on Earth could she think that, you would have to be crazy if you didn't want to kiss her.  I didn't know what to say or do except to kiss her again. I grabbed her tiny wrist and pulled her closer to face me.  My hands reached up to cup her face and I slowly leaned in giving her a short tender kiss. After we pulled away I spoke, "don't you ever say I don't want to kiss you because I have every second of the day.  Now you are going to sit here and we are going to cuddle the rest of the day because I'm not letting you walk out again." With that we stayed in the hotel room all day watching movies, cuddling and stealing little kisses from one another.


Words cannot describe my feelings right now, I've never felt this way about anyone in my entire life.  As cliché as this sounds, every time I see Paisley or hear her name it feels like there is a thousand butterflies in my stomach and I cant help but blush.  Everything reminds me of her and sometimes it makes me think I'm going crazy.  Her laugh is just so contagious, she is Niall with that because they both just crack up at the stupidest things.  I love the little things about her,  I honestly don't care if its too early to know this but I am head over heels in love with Paisley Greene and I intend on making her mine very soon.


I look down at the beautiful girl cuddled against me, she fell asleep about 20 minute ago.  Her hair is slightly covering her face and small snores escape her pink lips.  With her being asleep I can start planning how I'm going to ask her to be my girlfriend.  We both don't like to be to serious with everything so I just got to find a clever way to ask her.  I don't want to go over the top with romantic gestures because I know she will feel awkward and I don't want that on the first date.


After thinking for half an hour I come up with the perfect plan,  it involves everyone.  I slowly slide a sleeping Paisley off my lap and text everyone to meet me in Niall's room.  I even included Zayn, believe it or not with out him things between us wouldn't have happen for another couple of weeks, even if she did tell me about her feelings.  I happily walk over to Niall's room and I see everyone just sitting on the couch or the floor. The first thing I do is walk over to Zayn and embrace him into a bro hug.  I thank him for being a dick and he just hugs me back, probably too shocked to say anything.


Niall was the first to speak up, "Why do you want us all here Lou?".  "Well Nialler, the thing is, is that I'm going to ask Paisley to be my girlfriend.  We worked everything out and all but I want everyone to be involved.  Now she isn't going to know this is going to be a date until she notices its just us..." I continue to tell them the plan of what's going on and they are all now just really happy and excited as I am.






Zayn's POV



I was sitting in my hotel room reflecting on everything that has happened today and felt like utter fuck up because of it.  My thoughts were broken when I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and was surprised to see a text from Louis.  He told  me to meet him in Niall's room, oh crap they are probably going to gang up on me and make me feel worse than I already do.  I deserve it though. As I walked through Niall's door I saw everyone there except for Paisley.


We all waited for Louis to come in and when he did he just walked over and gave me a giant hug and needless to say I am beyond shocked.  Lou being himself decided to lighten up the mood with by thanking me for being a dick.  Everyone started laughing while I still couldn't talk.  Louis told us about how he wants to ask Paisley to be his, we all agreed seeing as both of them deserve to be happy with one another.


Niall told us we should stay in his room and watch movies.  Louis left halfway through the first one before going back to his room to check in on Paisley.  Next to leave was Liam,  apparently all this drama today wore him out.  I left after the second movie and walked to my room.  I jumped in the bed and stared at the ceiling thinking about anything and everything.  Maybe everyone is right when they tell me I'm not in love with Paisley, I just want to be in love.








Niall's POV



I am extremely happy for Louis.  Paisley is going to be so surprised and will get a good laugh out of this.  I'm so glad her and Louis worked everything out, they both deserve to be happy.  Although I am still a little mad at Zayn and Eleanor, more so Zayn.  Eleanor did it because she promised but still its bad and Zayn is just a wanna be love sick puppy.  His princess will come around eventually, I know mine has.  I think she likes me, and I like her a lot.  According to everyone else Paige told them she liked me but i'm not really sure.  I guess I wont know unless I try. Louis telling us about his plan really and everything that has happened today made me realize that I need to man up and ask Paige if she wants to be my girlfriend.


As the night progressed everyone began to filter out of my suite.  Around midnight it was just me and Paige sitting on opposite sides of the couch watching  some movie on TV.  Every time a funny part would come on I would look over and see Paige's head tilted backwards as she laughed.  She was also clapping her hands like a retarded seal, to everyone else she probably would look stupid but to me she looked adorable.


When the film cut to a commercial I moved over to Paige and just poked her.  She let out a loud laugh, oh so she's really ticklish. I turned to her and her face went from laughter to a look of horror.  "You better not think about it!" she shouted.  I just ignored her and began tickling her until she couldn't breathe, "I seriously thought I was going to pee myself if you didn't stop when you did." she said trying to catch her breath.  I gathered up the only courage I had and asked, "can I try something? I promise I wont tickle you."  She just gave me a questioning look before nodding yes.


I brushed her hair out of her face before slowly leaning in I left a short kiss upon her lips.  Before I could even sit back up and open my eyes she grabbed the back of my neck and crashed our lips together.  There were fireworks exploding everywhere as our lips moved in sync, she smiled into the kiss before pulling away.  I'm not even going to lie, that was the best kiss in my entire life.  I cant even wait for an actual date to ask her a simple question.  "Paige, I know this isn't a really the proper way to ask you, heck we haven't even gone on a dat. Anyways, would you do the honors of being my girlfriend?", I asked with a nervous shaky voice.  She didn't say anything, she just kissed me which I'm taking as a yes.  What can even go wrong in my life anymore?






(A/N:  Pretty long chapter for a sick person yeah?  I apologize for having a late update and any mistakes made in the chapter.  Sick Life absolutely sucks but you probably don't even care about that.  Anyways what did you think?  What do you think Louis plan is?  Niall and Paige FINALLY got together!  Do you think Zayn truly loves Paisley or wants to be in love? Let me know in the comments. Love ya!) *take_your_records*







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