Lay Your Burden Down (One Direction)

A depressed teenager named Paisley has had a rough couple of years. She finds out she has a cousin, will he be the one to guide her to happiness? Will her crush result in heartbreak or a fairytale. Read more to find out.


16. Chapter 16

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Zayn's POV



I don't really want to tell Paisley the truth but I need too if I want her to be happy.  Eleanor is right she has gone through enough.  If I don't confess to Paisley then I risk losing her, Niall and Louis. I walk to Paige's room and knock.  I see the door crack open, "is Louis with you? If he is you really need to leave."  she says sternly.  I just tell her I'm alone but I need to speak with Paisley for a little bit.  She got the hint that I just wanted it to be us.  Paige then left the room to find Niall is what I'm guessing.


I sighed before finding a sniffling Paisley curled up on Paige's bed.  I sat down next to her before taking a deep breath.  "Paisley, I need to tell you something."  She turned around I immediately felt even more guilty the I was before.  Her eyes were bloodshot and mascara was running down her face.  "What is it?  I better be important because I don't feel like talking right now, no offense."  she said in a whisper.


"Louis didn't kiss Eleanor.  I forced El to kiss Louis and for you to walk in and hate him.  I didn't think things through.  I only though of myself and how much I like you and how much better I am for you but in reality I'm not. Just for me doing this proves I'm not.  Please don't hate Lou, he likes you a lot and is upset and confused right now.  Don't hate El, she was just helping me out because  I made her promise before getting involved.  She doesn't have feelings for Louis and vice versa.  If your going to hate anyone hate me, I'm a horrible love sick puppy that probably destroyed our friendship. " 


I told her everything but she said nothing, instead she just hugged me and told me I'm forgiven.  This shocked me but at least I still have her friendship and that's all I need.






Paisley's POV



I cant believe what Zayn told me.  Even though he was in the wrong I cant be mad, having a crush can make you do stupid stuff.  I don't believe he is in love I think he wants to be in love and I will help him find someone but right now I need to focus on mine.  Zayn stands up and then pulls me up with him before pushing me out the door and telling me to go get him.  I nodded and walked nervously down the hall trying to find Louis.  I knocked on everyone's door except his,  I lightly tapped on his door and waited.


Louis opened the door and was shocked, I just hugged him tight, never wanting to let him go. He hugged me back before whispering sorry in my ear countless times.  We both release from the hug and walked in his room.


He started rambling on and on about how she appeared out of no where.  No matter how many times I told him to shut up and that I believe him he kept going on about how sorry he was.  I decided to use all my courage and kiss him in the middle of his sentence.  He immediately relaxed and kissed my back. His hands found their way to my waist as mine hooked around his neck.  We broke apart and just stood there.


"What was that?" Louis asked.  "oh um, you wouldn't be quiet so I kissed you so you would.  Oh gosh you probably didn't even want me to kiss you, this is awkward. I'm just going to go now."  I told him and began to walk away but I was stopped when his hand grabbed my wrist and pulled me in for another short kiss. He pulled apart and took a breath before speaking, "don't you ever say I don't want to kiss you because I have every second of the day.  Now you are going to sit here and we are going to cuddle the rest of the day because I'm not letting you walk out again."


So that's what we did the entire day, no one bothered us.  We were in our own little bubble watching movies and stealing kisses every now and then.  Even though we aren't officially together it feel like we already are.  Just sitting here thinking has made me realize that this is my prince charming and I'm his Cinderella.  Just like the fairytale.






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