Lay Your Burden Down (One Direction)

A depressed teenager named Paisley has had a rough couple of years. She finds out she has a cousin, will he be the one to guide her to happiness? Will her crush result in heartbreak or a fairytale. Read more to find out.


12. Chapter 12

(information concerning boys future girlfriends is listed in the A/N)

Louis POV



I feel horrible.  I didn't know she was beaten, Niall just said people gave her a hard time at school.  I just know I was the cause of her being upset tonight.  I basically led her on a little bit, don't get me wrong I like her a lot but it was a in the moment type thing.  Once I realized people could see us I couldn't hold her hand anymore.  The media doesn't know about my split with Eleanor yet nor do they know that Paisley is Niall's cousin.


Paige must be so pissed at me, I'll have to speak to her once we get Paisley settled down in her room.  All of us are staying with her tonight just to make sure that if anything happens we are all there.  I pulled Paige aside and cleared my throat before speaking in a whisper "I'm the reason Paisley was upset tonight?  You probably hate me now and I feel like all of tonight's events are my fault.".  "You are the reason why she was upset because you basically ignored her the rest of the night but I believe you had a good reason which I would like to hear.  Also you couldn't stop that person who was driving stupidity.", Paige whispered back.


She likes me? That makes me feel even worse.  "I like her a lot too but when we were holding hands I realized that anyone could be watching.  Usually I wouldn't care but the press doesn't know about my break up with Eleanor, only you guys do and they also don't know that she is Niall's cousin. As for ignoring her I didn't want to get too attached incase she didn't like me and incase there is too much drama coming her way with Niall being her cousin and all.  What if she cant handle all that pressure, being seen with me would only add to the stress which could make me lose her forever."  I rambled all this which cause Paige to embrace me into a tight hug before saying that I should explain that to Paisley once she wakes up.


I thanked her before going downstairs to get a glass of water, I turn around to have all the boys standing there. I looked at them confused before Niall hugged me and told me I had his permission to date Paisley when she gets better because he herd everything.  I shyly smiled at him before the two of us turned to the other boys to join their conversation.


We were in the middle of an intense argument about which football team is better when we heard an ear piercing scream. I was the first to make it to the stairs and I told everyone else to say down there and that ill yell if help is needed.


I sprinted into Paisleys room to find her sitting up drenched in sweat and tears.  Her hair was a mess and she had make up running down her face yet she still managed to look like the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.  I sat on her bed, pulled her into my lap and started singing to her till she calmed down.  I played with her hair as I stated how sorry I was for earlier and how strong she was for going through everything she has been through without giving up.


She looked up and stared into my blue eyes with her piercing green ones before speaking in a hushed voice "why?". I explained to her what I told Paige, she nodded here and there showing she understood.  I took a deep breath before adding to what I was saying, "Paisley I just like you too much to lose you to a bunch of hate and drama the media starts, I was scared.  I realized I cant control that and I should just pursue what I like but to be cautious.  You are the most beautiful girl I've ever laid eyes on, your laughter is contagious and I cant help but laugh along.  Your eyes are so green and have so much life in them, you've been through so much which proves you have so much strength.  Your sarcastic, sassy and witty attitude is to die for.  I know I only met you tonight but I'm falling for you hard and I just want to protect you and learn more.  Will you please forgive me of my asshole actions tonight and give me a chance to know you better?"


She gave me a big smile and nodded before giving me a big hug.  I sighed in content, I just know I've found the one.






Paisley's POV



I jolted awake from my nightmare not knowing what to do except scream.  My cries were muffled by my hands and I was drenched in sweat.  I hear foot steps grow louder as they came up the steps the person who stepped into my room was a big surprise.  He didn't say anything at first he just embraced me into a comforting hug and started singing random songs in hope to calm me down.  After a few minutes my sobs subsided into sniffles.


Louis started tangling his fingers in my hair trying to get the tangles out, while he was doing this he was telling me sorry over and over.  I just turned to him and asked why.  He told me about the media and all the drama which I understood but it doesn't explain tonight.  He inhaled a deep breath before he continued to tell me he was scare and then listed why he liked me so much.  He admitted that he was falling for me as I was for him. What surprised me the most was when he asked to protect and get to know me. I couldn't find the right words to say so I embraced him into a giant hug and nodded.


I told him I wanted to try to sleep so he gave me a smile before he disappeared out of the room and I was left to my thoughts.  The only question I had racing through my mind was, is he the one? With that sleep consumed my body.






(A/N: Hey guys!  So things are better between Louis and Paisley.  When do you think they are going to get together.  Are they going to last if they do?  What's going to happen when the boys have to leave for another city?  Let me know what you think! Concerning the boys girl friends there is 2 spots left.  Kemi is going to be one of the boys girlfriend but who isn't going to be revealed yet. Btw thank you for always telling me to update because even that lets me know people actually want to read this. If you haven't commented about the 'contest' but you want to just put your name, age, description of yourself, and preferred boy in the comments and I will let you know if you made it in an authors note.  The winners wont be in the story for a little bit, probably late story or sequel {if I write one} thank you so much.  Love you!) *take_your_records*







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