Lay Your Burden Down (One Direction)

A depressed teenager named Paisley has had a rough couple of years. She finds out she has a cousin, will he be the one to guide her to happiness? Will her crush result in heartbreak or a fairytale. Read more to find out.


11. Chapter 11

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Paige's POV


I knew something was up with Paisley as soon as she stepped inside of the bowling alley.  She turned into her extremely introverted side and tried to cover it up but both Niall and I saw straight past it.  He said I should speak to her later and he will go to the hotel with the boys tonight.


After we all bid farewells I saw Paisley speed walk to the car.  We both jumped in and I saw that she was crying I asked her what was wrong and she then proceeded to ramble about the evening. "I don't know, I never liked someone this much nor had so much in common with anyone.  We get a long really well and I thought he liked me as a friend at least but its obvious he doesn't.  We randomly started holding hands in the parking lot and swinging them around like retards.  Then once we stepped inside he dropped my hand and walked away from me not even giving me a second look.  He wouldn't look at me or talk to me the rest of the night and instead of hugging me like everyone else he just shook my hand.  I just don't know what to think." she said this while trying not to cry even more.


I seriously have to talk to Niall, I told her that she should text him and see if anything was wrong tonight.  Maybe he is nervous in front of Niall but that wouldn't make sense because he was fine with talking to her earlier.  Who knows, we will find out later.  I look over at Paisley to see she is sending Louis the text and when I turn my eyes back on the road there is a pair of head lights coming straight towards us.  I don't know what to do so I just screamed which caused Paisley to look up and scream.  I swerved out of the reckless drivers way and managed not to crash anything.


I pulled over on the side and turned on my hazards just so I can calm myself down.  First I check to see if Paisley is ok but she is sitting there almost blacking out having a full out panic and anxiety attack. This has happened before and I was told to call an ambulance then so I'm doing that now.  Once I called the ambulance I called Niall and told him where we were and for him to hurry. I didn't even explain because I needed to try to get Paisley to calm down and stay awake.


I've been trying to get her to take deep breaths to calm down but nothing works,  she is going in and out from being so light headed from hyperventilating.  She never had an attack this bad.  I heard sirens and sigh in relief.  The EMT asks me what all happened and if Paisley has bad anxiety.  I told him everything in which he nodded and made me stand to the side.


"Paige!", I heard an Irish accent yell.  I waved Niall over and saw all the boys tagged along with him.  "What the hell happened?" he asked, his voice full of concern.  "We were driving home and Paisley was upset about something in which ill tell you about that later anyways I look away for a second and next thing we know a car is coming straight towards us.  I swerved out of the way just in time to not get hit.  I was too shaken up so I pulled over to calm myself and when I checked on Paisley she was having a panic/ anxiety attack. She kept blacking out and I couldn't keep her calm so I had to call an ambulance.", by the time I finish this I was crying.  Niall just sat there and hugged my while the other boys faces went from showing concern to looking like they saw a ghost.  I raised an eyebrow and they just pointed behind me.


I turned around to see Paisley shaking and coughing up blood.  What the absolute hell, we weren't even hit!  The EMT gave Paisley a shot in her arm which made her body go limp.  He then put her in the ambulance and told us to meet them at the hospital.  Is she even going to be okay?






Niall's POV



We all arrived at the hospital with bloodshot eyes.  This is the most traumatizing thing anyone of us has ever seen.  Once she started coughing up blood is when I lost it, I think we all did.  Now we just have to wait outside of her room until the doctor tells us what is wrong.  2 hours pass by and is around 3 o'clock in the morning.


  The doctor finally walks out , "Hello I'm Dr. Smith, do you want the good news or bad news first?" We all say bad and then he continues, "We found marks on Paisleys body indicating she was beaten not to long ago, she was also cut on her stomach.  The bruises and the wound were on her stomach and near he ribcage.  One rib was broken so that's what caused her to cough up blood and why she couldn't control her breathing.  All these events added up to almost getting in the wreck caused her to have a very severe panic attack and mild seizure. The good news is that she is all fixed up and can leave once she is ready."


We all thank the doctor and file into Paisleys room.  She is playing with her fingers trying to control her breathing.  I freaking knew I should've looked at her stomach when she got jumped the other week.  We told her we could leave and she just nodded not saying anything.  I honestly don't blame her. All I need to know now is why she was upset tonight.  This is going to be a rough night ahead of us.






(A/N:  Good thing they didn't get into to car crash.  What do the other boys think of this?  How do you think Niall is going to handle the fact that Louis made her upset? What should happen next?  Next update should be later tonight or early tomorrow.  Should I do frequent short updates or long spread out ones? Don't forget about the contest.  Remember to comment your Name, Age, Description of yourself and what boy you want to be with.  Love you all!) *take_your_records*







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