Grace is coming.

When Valerie is almost killed by a serial killer at a young age, she dies for less then 3 seconds. in that time she sees things that no little girl wants to see.

When she wakes up she sees an old man.
He tells her that not every spook is a bad one. But to be carful, looks can be deceiving.
Since then, she hasn't seen him, but other spooks as she calls them.

But now one is not leaving her alone. Is he trouble? Or will he help Valerie? But can Valerie help him?

And where is "The Cold Place" That all the spooks talk about?
And who is "she"....


1. Meeting the Family.


December 15, 2005


I wake up in a hospital bed. I don't remember what had happen. I then see an old man with a cane sitting on a chair. He looks up and smiles at me.

he has grey hair, and is wearing a white dress shirt with a green sweater over top of it. He has a pair of brown pants on and tan socks with brown dress shoes.

"I know you can see me lass" he starts.

"Yes I can sir." I answer.

"Listen very carefully. Not all spirits are nice. Some are very bad and naughty." He says.

"I need you to do me a favor." He says and I nod. "If a black spirit ever comes near you can you cant run away, I need you to think happy thoughts. Can you do that for me?" he asks.

"Yes sir." I say. "But may I ask, who are you? And what do you mean spirits?"

"I'm Mr. Evens. and spirits are like spooks. They will pop up anywhere and scare you sometimes. But you have to help them get past Her..." He trails off.

"Who is she?" I ask.

"You will find out soon enough Valerie. Soon enough." He says then is gone.

I wake up from the dream. My heart is pounding.

"I have to help them get passed Her.." I say quietly.

"you will help us?" I hear a voice say and look over to see a boy. he reminds me of a boy I used to go to school with. Tyler I think.

"Tyler?" I ask.

"You will help us get past her?" He asks. I cant see his face. he has his favorite hoody on and it covers his face.

"Who is us?" I say and my whole body gets cold. I can feel more of them.

"Us.." he says and I see children there. They are all looking down but one.

"Valerie Lynn Baine." She speaks and steps closer to me. "She doesn't like you. She is scared of you." She whispers to me and then everyone but her is gone.

"Who is she?" I ask.

"We call her Grace. She is scary, and cold. A bad cold." She says. Ad then a little boy is standing next to her.

"She is there. And she is angry." He says. they start to back up.

"Please don't leave. She wont hurt you. Remember, she is scared of me." I say and they look up.

"I will say, But Emma must go, Or else... the shadows will hurt her." He says and Emma is gone.

"What's your name?" I ask.

"Felix." He says and then goes to the corner. "I wont leave but I will hide. If anyone come here, Don't talk to them, unless its Emma or Tyler." He says and I nod.


Then he Is gone. I cant sleep, so I take out my sketch book and start to draw them. Emma, Tyler, Felix.. And I soon fall asleep.

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