fell for you

Julia and Jane were college student that lived in New York but moved to L.A. for modeling. while they are there they run into a few old friends and other things.


9. Your not mad

Julia's POV 
I went to bed but I couldn't go to sleep so I went downstairs to get some water. As I was heading down stairs I heard Jane and Justin talking.
"Hey Justin I was going to tell you something but then Julia came in.." 
What is she talking about?
"Uhh ya why?" Justin said still not taking his eyes off the TV screen. 
"Well what I was trying to say was.. I was the girl." 
What? What does she mean by "the girl" 
"What?" Justin asked in confusion. 
" I'm the girl. I'm the girl at the club you grinded. The girl you made out with. The girl you slept with.." 
WHAT? I am so confused. When was this. How could she do this to me.
"What how could you?! You're her best friend!" Justin said furiously. 
"You did it too!" 
"So was I!" Jane yelled.
Hold on let's process this. My best friend invited my boyfriend over. (Well we haven't made it official yet though)To our house to talk about something and she wanted to tell him that she was the one that he slept with and that they where drunk when they did it. 
Jane then sat down and started to sob. 
"I'm sorry." Justin said sitting down. 
I couldn't handle it anymore. I started to cry. I was having trouble processing. So what I have just heard was that Jane called justin over while I was at Taco Bell with Ryan and he told her something about a girl in a club that turned out to her. Just thinking about it made me want to cry even more. I then looked at them again and I saw Jane look up and kiss justin on the lips 
"What was that for!?" Justin stood up almost instantly after she kissed him. I just couldn't help it anymore I was out raged and upset.
"YA WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR!" I said stomping out of my hiding place. 
"Julia we ca-" 
"You know Jane I'd rather have YOU explain things to me because right now you don't look like you are in the greatest position." 
"Julia please don't-" Justin said. 
"Just shut up and explain everything!" 
"Ok ok.. Well I called over Justin to talk about why he broke up with you in the first place. He told me that he got drunk at a club and he started grinding with a girl. Then they started to make out. And then they went to her house and you texted him and he answered you with.. You know the txt. And then he slept with the girl." 
"And you were the girl?" I asked. 
"Yes." She said sadly. 
"Look babe I'm sorry I was stupid. I shouldn't have.. " 
"Can you plz explain why you chose to kiss him Jane?" I said pushing Justin away. 
"I-I don't know. I just remembered how I had a crush before and how he chose you.. I just had a feeling, and I kissed him." She said looking down at the floor. 
I then stood up without saying a thing . With my eyes still red from crying and walked up to my room and thought about what I would do tomorrow. 
Justin POV
Julia didn't say anything what was wrong with her. Is she mad? Is she sad? When she got up to leave she had no expression on her face. 
20mins have passed and I went upstairs to check on Julia. She was already asleep. So I crawled in and wrapped my arms around her body and fell asleep just like that. 
~next morning~ 
I woke up and Julia wasn't next to me anymore. So I got up and went downstairs. 
When I got down stairs I looked around the house. The kitchen, garage, and outside in the backyard, but I still couldn't find her. So I went back into the kitchen and looked inside the fridge. When I looked inside I found two plates with pancakes eggs and bacon. Each one had a card in front of it. One said Justin and the other said Jane, so I grabbed the one with the card with my name and sat down at the table with my plate. 
I then opened the card with my name and I found a letter for me it was from Julia. And it said:
Good morning Justin,made you and Jane breakfast. I had a photo shoot this morning and I didn't want to wake you and Jane up. I'll be back by lunch time.
Wow I was surprised that she wasn't mad. Or was she and she is just trying to forget?
Jane's POV 
I woke the next morning all sweaty. I was afraid  that I was going to lose my bestfriend because of my stupid mistakes.
I went downstairs and saw Justin sitting down at the table eating pancakes, eggs, bacon. 
"Where is Julia?" I asked
"She went to a photo shoot. There is a plate of food for you in the fridge. Julia made it." 
So I walked over to the fridge and found my plate and a card that said my name. 
I then walked over to the couch and opened the card. 
Hey Jane. It's Julia 
I went to the Brandi Melville photo shoot. I'll be back bye lunch time. And maybe we can go shopping. Ok take care and don't do anything stupid. 💕
she's not mad?


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