fell for you

Julia and Jane were college student that lived in New York but moved to L.A. for modeling. while they are there they run into a few old friends and other things.


7. It couldn't have been you

Ryan POV 
Justin just finished telling me that he got drunk slept with a girl that didn't even know a broke up with Julia without even knowing... I have to say that justin is always so lucky I was the one that was there for Julia when he broke with her. But then she moved to NYC. I have wanted to go out with her for so long. Justin doesn't deserve her.. 
I drove up to my house and ran inside and up to my room and called Julia. 
"Hello?" I heard Julia say with her angel like voice.
"Hi Julia it's Ryan." 
"I miss you too cutie. Do you want to meet up I need to tell you something." 
"Ya of course. Where at?" 
"Taco Bell. The one near UCLA." 
"Perfect. What time?" She asked 
"Now. Txt me when you get there." 
I then ended the call and drive to Taco Bell 

Julia's POV 
I didn't understand why Ryan needed to meet this soon. Maybe he really misses me. 
"Hey baby girl I'm going to Taco Bell to meet Ryan." I said. 
"Ok txt me or call me if you need me. Love ya." 
"Love ya too." And with that I closed the door and got into my car. 

Janes  POV
Julia was going to meet Ryan at Taco Bell so I had the house myself. If justin really wanted Julia back that badly why did he break up with her j the first place. 
"Come on one more shot" Conner said.
"No Conner I had 18 already." I said with a very hazy voice. 
"Alright.." I said as I took one last shot. 
I then got up and went to the Dan e floor of the club. I started to grind against this guy. I was to drunk to remember who and what he looked like. But we started to make out, and then we took the make out session to my house. He then got a txt and then. Everything blacked out and I woke next to the guy and he checked his phone and punched a hole in my wall. 
~end of flashback~
I still wonder who that guy was.. I then got out my phone and texted justin. 
To justin: hey can you come over I need to talk to you. 
To Jane: is Julia know? 
To justin: no she is out. Hurry we need to talk. 
To Jane: ok

Justin arrived at the house 10mins later. 
"Hi" justin said. 
I dragged him in without saying a thing. 
"Hello to you too." He laughed. 
"Justin why did you break up with Julia in the first place." I said going straight into the topic. 
"Well umm.." 
"Just say tell me!"
"Ok ok .." He said heading towards   the couch. 
"One day I went to the club and got really drunk... and I started grinding with a random girl..." 
"What date?" 
"January 14th." 
Funny I went to a club that same day. 
"What club?" I asked.
"The popular one in Hollywood" 
I went to that same club that night and started to grind with a random guy. I can't be justin... Can it? 
"Ok continue." I demanded. 
"We then got into a heated make out and we took it to her house..." 
OMG I CAN'T BE HIM.. If it was, what will Julia think. 
"I then got a txt from Julia asking where I was.. And I answered her with the dumbest and most horrible thing I ever did in my life..." 
He started to tear up. 
"I texted her back saying. You don't have to worry about me... Cuz I am breaking up with you.." 
Wow how stupid could he be..well was drunk. 
"And.." I said anxiously
"And the I woke up the nest morning next to the girl naked. I then checked my phone and saw a txt from Julia saying something like 'goodbye Justin forever' I then got out of the bed.. I was so mad I punched a hole in the wall, put on my clothes and drove away." 
I sat there speechless. He was the guy I slept with that night. I have to tell him it was me. 
"Jane before you say anything I know I was stupid but I love Julia and I would never do anything like that ever again." 
"No I wasn't going to say that I know you loved her.. What I was trying to say is that-" 
"Hey Jane I'm home. Why is Justin's car here." 
I stood up and so did justin. 
"Hey Julia I just called over justin to make sure that he was good enough for you." I said with a smile. 
"Awe thank you Jane!" Julia said
"Ok I think I should go." Justin said nervously. 
"No babe stay for the night" Julia begged.
"Ok" justin smirked.
Great just what I need time to talk to him. 

Ok that's all for this chapter 
Sorry it was bad
Stay beautiful🌟💕💖🌚 and eat you vegetables 🍪🍫🍭🍬🎂🍰🍧🍨🍦🍩🍮

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