fell for you

Julia and Jane were college student that lived in New York but moved to L.A. for modeling. while they are there they run into a few old friends and other things.


4. I still love you...


hey guys its julia the other author. I'm so sorry we haven't been updating it just we have been busy with school and stuff.. Well onto the story. ENJOY 🎀💎🎀

Julia POV

 "Julia wake up" 

"Jane you better have a good reason for waking me up." I grunted 

"it's the first day of college." 

Oh ya it was wasn't it. I just don't want to move. It's been a week since I saw Justin, I loved him and he loved me. He broke up with me without a reason. But deep down inside- 

"yo Alice in wonderland wake the fuck up" 

"Ok ok..." 

"Thank you" she said with a smirk. 

We got ready but we still had an hour til school.

" do you want to go to the mall" I asked 

"ya sure" 

We drove to the mall and went to Starbucks. 

We both got our favorite drink (Cotten candy frap 🎀💕💗) and sat down. 

"So can you please tell me now what happend with Justin. 

"Ok fine..." I grunted. 


" nothing really happend I just felt sad seeing him again.." I said 

she gave me an annoyed look and just said fine. We walked around for a while and then went into Brandi Melville bought some clothes and excited the store. 


I heard someone call me. I looked around but didn't see anyone. I looked over at Jane and she just shrugged. 


Just thin I saw Justin walking towards me. Uhh what does he want.. I can't... 

"Hey look Justin she doesn't want to talk to you right now.." Jane said stepping infront of  me. 

"I know but I just want to tell you something." Justin said with the look he always gave me when he was being serious. 


"it's ok Jane ill txt you when we are done talking ok." 

She nodded signaling me that is she needed to beat someone up she was there. 


"What do you want Justin?" I said sort of annoyed. 

"Julia I need you back. I can't focus on my work I miss you. I was stupid fo-" 

pick cut him off kissing him softly on his lips then pulling away. 

"I miss you too.." I smiled at him. 

"Does this mean that we are dating again?" He asked with eyes filled with hope

 "I don't know maybe" I said with a smirk. And ran to the parking lot and texted Jane. 

To Jane: hey baby girl are you at the car?

To Julia: ya so how did it go. 

To Jane: I kissed him. 

To Julia: WHAT YOU DID. Wait you still love him huh. 


To Julia: lol when you get to the car you are going to tell me the whole story

To Jane: ok  


Thanks guys so much for reading this chapter I know it is short but I just found that we could update on or iPads or iPods (Thanks Jane) so we will be updating more and I know that chapter was horrible but had to rush middle school is HARD.. alright bye 

stay beautiful and eat your vegetables (even tho I don't like vegetables either) 🎀💕💎







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