fell for you

Julia and Jane were college student that lived in New York but moved to L.A. for modeling. while they are there they run into a few old friends and other things.


8. Been there

Been there 
Julia's POV
I got to Taco Bell and found Ryan waiting for me at a table. 
"Hey Ryan" 
"Hey Julia" he said standing for a hug. 
"So what did you want to talk about?" 
"Maybe we should get some food first.." Ryan said while smiling. 
"Haha oh ya." 

We ordered our food and sat down at the table. 
"Ok so can you tall me now?" I asked will my mouth still filled with food. 
"Ya sure.." 
I took another bite of my taco and so did he. 
"I just wanted to say.. You know how when you and justin broke up with you over txt?" 
I thought about it and I still didn't know why he broke up with me. 
"Well you know I was there for you and when I helped you out of your little depression session I also wondered why he broke up with you and how mad you were." 
"What's your point?" I said With a mouth full of food.
"My point is why did you kiss him today!?" 
"How did you find out?" 
"Julia me and justin are best friends we tell each other everything." 
I don't know how I am going to explain this to him.. what should I say? Should I tell him the truth or should I lie? 
"Umm I kissed him because.. I still love him.." I said softly 
"Julia.. Justin is a jerk he doesn't deserve you.." 
"Did he tell you why he broke up with me 4years ago?" I asked anxiously 
"Ryan tell me plz?" 
Ryan's POV  
I have to lie maybe justin will tell her later on. 
"Ryan plz I need to know." 
"I'm sorry I don't remember. I will tell you when I ask him tomorrow ok I promise." 
She nodded 
"Ok Ryan nice seeing you I have to go back tiny house maybe we can hang out another time." 
I nodded and gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek. 

Julia's POV 
I was just pulling up to my driveway and I saw Justin's car.. What is happening. 
"Hey Jane I'm home and why is Justin's car here?" 
"Hey Julia I just called over Justin to make sure that he was good enough for you." She said with a smile. 
"Aww thank you!" 
"I think I should go.." Justin said nervously. 
"No babe stay for the night." I begged 
"Ok" justin smirked.
"Yay" I cheered. 
Jane rolled her eyes and stomped upstairs. 

Janes POV
Great this guy will be spending the night here.. I need to tell him. But should I tell Julia.
"Alright I'm going to bed" Julia said while yawning. 
"Ok night babe love you." Justin said
"Night carrot princess!" I yelled 
"And justin you are not allowed to call her babe." I said with sass. 
"But she called me that." 
"I don't care you can-" 
"Chill your tits Jane. Alright night love you both." And with that she ran upstairs. 
When I  was sure that she was asleep went over to justin by the tv. 
"Hey justin remember I was going to tell you something but then Julia came in." 
"Uhh ya why?" 
"Well what I was trying to say was.." 
I stopped becuz of last minute hesitation. 
"I was the girl" I blurted. 
"What?" He said turning away from the tv. 
"I'm the girl. I'm the girl at the club the girl you grinded with. The girl that you made out with. The girl you slept with.." 
"What how could you. You were her best friend!" He said furiously
"You did it too." 
"So was I!" 
I then sat down and bursted out crying. He was right how could I. I was stupid.
"I'm sorry." He sat down rubbing my back.
Justin was a great person. I remember that I had a crush on since forever but Julia was the one that got him. I then looked up and kissed him. He pulled away as soon as I kissed him. 
"What was that!" Justin yelled. 
"YA WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR!" I turned around and saw Julia standing there years streaming down her face. 

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