The new kid (Ziam fanfic)

This is about how a boy moves to a new school because he moved. Than he met a boy and than they become friends on the first day of school.


1. The move


                                                 Liam's POV 

  Now i gotta go home because my mom and dad texted me saying that they got news for me.

                                                     Now i'm home:

So mom and dad whats the news. The news is that were moving said the mom. Were said Liam to London said the dad. But i'm going to go to a new school now said Liam. 

                                                   The moving day:

COME ON LIAM it's time to move now. Okay i'll be down in a minute. (Walking down stairs) Watching the moving truck following us behind and i leaned my head over. Zayn Zayn ZAYN wake up. SH sh sh i'm trying to go to bed Zayn wakep up were hear oh okay looking at a nice house got out of the car and went inside the house and went up stairs to my room. Saying to my self when am i going to start school back up. Than my dad knocked on the door saying that i'm starting school tomorrow he set down a bag with school supplies.

                                                Tomorrow morning:

My alarm clock went off and i hit snooze and layed down on the bed for a view minutes and looked at the time and said to my self i'm gonna be late if i don't leave right now so i went down stairs and left and so i walked to school when i got to school i went straight to the main office to get my schedule. Than i went straight to my locker and than i went to my first class and everyone looked at me and the teacher walked to me and said oh you must be Liam Payne. Yup i am. Would u like to introduce your self to the class. Sure. Hi i'm Liam Payne. Liam you can go sit by Zayn. Zayn please raise your hand. 

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