being larrys daughter

*sequel to don't let me go* Eleanor Destiny Tomlinson is the daughter of Larry Stylinson. Although she loves her dads she wonders what her life would be like if her mum was still around. She gets bullied for her parents being gay. Life is hard for Eleanor, but she does everything she can to stop her dads from realising.


7. the club

Leah P.O.V


I walked into the club. It was amazing here. It said it was only for 14-16 year olds but i had a feeling some were younger and some older. I heard a wolf whistle as i walked in and i immediately felt myself blush.

"Hey sexy!" a boy said coming up to me. "can i get ya a drink?" he asked

"Coke please" i replied and he chuckled he passed me the coke but before i could take it he poured something in it. I smelt it and it smelt horrid

"What never heard of vodka before" he said with a smirk. He didn't have an australian accent.

"Course i have. now where ya from and how old are ya" i asked

"Ireland & im 17 I know i know too old to be in this club. now drink and lets dance" he said and i smiled. Why not enjoy myself. As my dad once said, live while your young. I gulped down my drink and followed him onto the dance floor. They were playing songs that would have been popular when the expected aged people in the club were young or even babies. This of course was the era of my dads band. I laughed inside when rock me came on. I felt the alcohol take a strong effect on e and i lost control of my mouth. I realised what words were coming out before it was too late. I started singing along into his ear

"You have a nice voice love" He said flirtily

"i know. wanna see some of my moves?" i asked and he looked in shock.

"Are you saying that you wanna have sex with me?2 he asked, boy he was blunt

"I'm saying, i want you to rock me, rock me, rock me yeah!" i said and he smiled. He took me outside and grasped my hand

"one second. first i need to tell my dad im staying out and then i want another drink" i almost slurred.

"Call your dad hunny. i have drink at my hotel, then we can get down to buisness" he replied with a flirty wink. I got my phone out and phone Harry

"Hi princess" He said as he answered.

"hey harry. I've met my friend hannah here, she used to go to my school and moved out to Australia 2 years ago. she said i can spend the night at hers and we can catch up. Is that okay?" i asked

"course princess, just be back by 11" he replied before hanging up the phone. I nodded to the boy and he started to walk to a hotel. It was only when i neared it that i realised that it was my hotel. He took me up to his room and i couldn't help but laugh

"whats so funny?" he asked

"Its just that my rooms only 3 doors away" i said and he laughed

"Well hopefully we wont be to loud" he said mega flirtily. we went into his hotel room. He poured me a drink. I drank it quickly and let out a laugh


I woke up and stared at the boy next to me. Damn, not him. Anyone but him! i pulled my clothes on and went into his bathroom. I sorted out my face and make-up. when i looked decenti left his bathroom. He was up and he stared at me. Clearly he was thinking the same that i did.

"No. I didnt know it was you or i wouldn't. Damn. I'm dead if anyone finds out!" he said and i nodded

"me to. me to" I replied before walking out his room and across the hall to mine. My dad was standing there

"Hey baby, how was your friend you met up with" he asked.

"good dad, my friend was good." i replied before walking into mine and Missies room to change.

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