being larrys daughter

*sequel to don't let me go* Eleanor Destiny Tomlinson is the daughter of Larry Stylinson. Although she loves her dads she wonders what her life would be like if her mum was still around. She gets bullied for her parents being gay. Life is hard for Eleanor, but she does everything she can to stop her dads from realising.


5. teamwork

Leahs P.O.V


"Right, dad's given me £500. With that we have to decorate your entire room. Any money left over we can use to buy clothes. He's made it a game and said that if it looks good enough we'll be going on holiday. At the fact I've seen him buy the tickets, I think it's certain we're going but I'm sure you want the room to look nice anyway" I said to Missie. Dad and Harry agreed that it would be best for Louis to adopt Harry on his own. That way if they ever break up she's with me.

"What are we waiting for then. Lets do this" She said excitedly and I laughed. We first ran into Argos for  a bed. It cost £100 for the bed, £80 for the mattress and £20 for the duvet set she wanted leaving us with £300. We rushed around loads of shops buying all sorts of things. At the end we only had £50 left so I put another £100 in as a welcome present for her. We had lunch at Mcdonalds and then went clothes shopping. I made sure that she bought things that would be suitable for holiday and I bought some holiday clothes aswell. Then we went home and decorated


Louis P.O.V


"Close your eyes dad" Leah said, even though she already had her hands over them. She lead me into Missies new room

"Tada!" They both said as Lean lifted her hands

"Wow girls, this is actually incredible!" I said. The walls started a light blue at the bottom and eventually turned into dark blue at the top. The ceiling resembled a starry night sky. On one of the walls it was printed 'Wish and someday your dreams will come true' . She had a massive bed with a starry duvet cover. She had all sorts of other things you would find in a 12 year old girls bedroom, including a walk in wardrobe, but my favourite bit of all was the writing on the back wall. It said 'Missie and Leah, sisters but also best friends' On either side of it they both put their handprints. It looked stunning

"Why the stars?" I asked Missie

"Because when I was younger, I used to stare into the night sky and wish on the stars that one day I would get adopted and that I would be loved. Now my wish has come true" She said and I gave her a massive hug.

"I think you girls have won the holiday. Tomorrow me, Harry and you two are flying out to Australia for two weeks. Get your stuff packed girls" I said and they both squealed with delight. Leah ran in her room to get packed.

"Welcome to the family princess" I said, giving her another massive hug.

"Thanks dad" She replied, bringing tears to my eyes. She called me dad. I walked back into mine and Harrys room and seeing my tears he went to comfort me immediately.

"Whats up babe?" He asked whilst rocking me back and forth in his arms.

"Missie and Leah. The impact Missie is having on Leah is amazing. My baby girl's happy for once and it's just so incredible. Missie's like her medicine for a disease she's been trying to fight so long and she's finally getting better" I sobbed into his arms. These tears were tears of happiness, tears of relief. For ages my daughter was so happy, so carefree. Then a few years ago she changed. Whatever smile she managed to show would quickly wear off and in its place a look of fear. I don't know what made her like this, everytime she got upset she would say it was because of her mum, but I don't think that's the case anymore. I think she's hiding something from us. Not just me, not just Harry. Everyone.

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