being larrys daughter

*sequel to don't let me go* Eleanor Destiny Tomlinson is the daughter of Larry Stylinson. Although she loves her dads she wonders what her life would be like if her mum was still around. She gets bullied for her parents being gay. Life is hard for Eleanor, but she does everything she can to stop her dads from realising.


12. it was...

Louis P.o.v


"it was theo horan" She said. i sat there in shock, not only was my baby girl pregnant but it was by theo horan. its not like he's a bad kid but he's nialls nephew for gods sake. he grew up with us looking after him when he stayed round nialls

"th-theo" i questioned and she nodded before breaking down in tears again. i suppose it was a good thing. she knows theo. he'll happily be there for the kid. but i still want to kill him. getting my little girl pregnant at 15

"we have to tell harry and by the way you two are so close i guess missie already knows" i said and she nodded. we got up and left the room making our way to the living room.

"harry, leah has something she wants to tell you" i said. he turned and looked at leah

"that night in Australia. when i told you i was staying round my friends. i-i-i-i got pregnant. but i wasnt lying, i know the boy and he is a friend2 she said before bursting into tears yet again. harry looked like he was going to murder someone. he might not be her biologial father, like i am, but he still thinks of her as his little girls.

"who was it?!?" he asked getting angry

"Theo horan" she said before running out the room. Missie ran out after her but went in the other direction. clearly she wanted to give Leah some space.

"Im gonna kill him" Harry exclaimed

"no hazz. if i can live with it you can. yeah im extremely pissed off with him but think of it this was. Niall, greg and denise will all make sure he's there for the kid and besides, we know theo. he's a good kid at heart. he was drunk and didnt recognise her. i mean who can blame him being drunk with Niall as an uncle" i said and that seemed to calm him a little

"niall needs to know" he said sternly and i nodded

"i'll call him now"

i got out my phone and rang Niall


n- sup lou

L- i need to talk to you about Leah

n-whats up

L-whilst in Australia she got pregnant. i think you greg and denise deserve to know that Theo's gonna be a dad

n- what! are you sure

L- yeah. can you tell theo to come over. i promise i wont do anything i just want to talk to him

n- sure he's staying with me at the moment anyway

L-i know. i wouldnt ask him to come all the way from ireland

n- okay lou. i'll bring him over in an hour or 2 and i'll let greg and denise know. thanks for telling us

L-anytime and thanks nialler


i hung up the phone and went to leahs room

"princess, me and harry aren't mad. it was a stupid thing to do. extremely stupid, but you have accepted what you did and you understand the child is now your responsibility. That's why i'm okay with it. just no more till you're atleast 50." i said and she laughed

"im not joking, well i suppose i could stretch to 49" she laughed again before she hugged me

"i love you daddy" she whispered into my chest

"i love you to princess. i love you so much"



sorry about the lack of capital letters. i wrote this out twice already and it kept deleting. its almost 2 am and i kinda want to sleep so i wanted to get it over and done with. i love you all, especially 'Talia is in our hearts' who constantly nags me to update but i dont mind <3 thanks love you all guys and hopefully you keep reading x

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