being larrys daughter

*sequel to don't let me go* Eleanor Destiny Tomlinson is the daughter of Larry Stylinson. Although she loves her dads she wonders what her life would be like if her mum was still around. She gets bullied for her parents being gay. Life is hard for Eleanor, but she does everything she can to stop her dads from realising.


9. busking

Harrys P.O.V


We walked round the town. Missie and Leah were at the beach so it was just us two. I heard guitar strumming in the background and before i knew it i could hear truly madly deeply being played. I smiled. It always makes me so happy when people sing our songs. I ooked at Louis and he smiled. I knew what he was thinking. Lets go join in. I bet that will give people a shock. We found where the people were busking and i saw it was two girls. They both had a guitar case open and they had quite alot of money in there. i bent down and tucked £100 in, deep where nobody could get it. Then me and Louis glanced at eachother and joined in.


should i put coffee and granola on a tray in bed

and wake you up with all the words that i still havent said

and tender touches just to show you how i feel

or should i act all cool like it was no big deal.


i notuiced that both girls had stopped so i did aswell. I guess louis had also noticed so he also stopped

"Dad!" One of the girls said and i immediatly recognised them. Missie and Leah!

"we, ummmmmmm, we. we'll see ya back at the hotel" Louis said before running off. I followed him. I eard all the audience crack up and soon the girls started singing again. the finished the song and in the distance i heard leah say

"This next one is by a band called little mix. so aunt perrie, leigh, jesy, jade. if any of you are out there join in now" This was closely followed by lots of laughter. They started singing DNA and boy they were good. I never really noticed it in Leah before. I guess i thought that she could have some talent being Louis biological daughter but eleanor couldn't sing so i guess we never really thought about it. And missie. Well that just amazed me. I've really been blessed in life. I guess i had my bad luck 16 years ago. Now i had it all. I hit rock bottom and when you get there theres only one direction to go in. Up. I can't even imagine now why i felt like i had to do that to myself. I looked at my arm and all the scars there. A constant reminder of how lucky i am. How lucky i am to be alive and have such a wonderful life

"You okay hazz" Louis asked putting his arm around me.

"yeah, just thinking" i replied. he leant in and let his lips brush against mine

"I love you harold edward styles" he said after finally breaking away

"i love you to Louis William Tomlinson" i replied as we locked our hands together.

"Louis" i muttered

"yeah hazz" he repied

"you know i once told you to never let me go"

"i remember your way of doing it extrememly well" he said sassily

" i meant it"

"and i meant it when i promised you i never would"

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