Never forget

Louis loves Harry. More than anything. But they can't be together


1. Thunder and love

Thunder. The thing Louis hated the most. The thing that he was scared of more than anything. He never slept during thunder. He couldn't. He mostly spent the night curled up in a ball, sobbing and hoping he didn't have an accident, because he was just that scared. 

When he'd first moved in with Harry, he'd tried to hide his fear, not wanting Harry to think he was a wuss, or just a plain old sook. So the first time there was a thunder storm, he hid in his bedroom, muffling his screams and sobs with a pillow. But Harry found him, pulled him into his arms and held him close, whispering sweet nothings in his ear until he fell asleep. The next morning, Harry had acted as nothing had happened, and Louis had thought that was ok, their nights together were just a joke, right? 

But soon it was more than that. It was cuddling and watching movies, making breakfast with Harry's arms around Louis' waist. Holding hands wherever they went, /just because it felt right/ that's when Louis had started to get a crush on Harry, even though he knew it was wrong. Harry was his best friend. But Louis knew this was more than a crush. He loved Harry, and he couldn't help it. That's why every touch, every kiss on the cheek killed Louis. He wanted so much more. He wanted to sleep in Harry's arms every night and wake up next to him. He wanted to be able to introduce Harry as his boyfriend. He wanted to get married to him and have the perfect wedding. To adopt kids with him and then grow old together, with their kids, and gran kids, and tell them stories about his he'd spent years on tour with his best friends. 

But them reality hit him, more like dumped a ton of bricks on him until he was six feet under. Louis' management had noticed his crush on Harry, and their was rumours, rumours going around that they were gay. They couldn't have that, not in a boy band, it would ruin the image. 

That's when Louis started 'dating' Eleanor. Well when Eleanor started getting paid to make them look like a couple. It worked, lots of fans fell in love with her, which crushed Louis. Every time he kissed her, touched her, talked to her, he died inside just a little. Because he loved Harry. But nobody understood 

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