Don't Forget (A Zayn Malik Fan Fiction)

What do you do when everything seems to be going wrong? Do you cry? Do you scream? Or do you pretend that nothing ever happened. Zayn was everything I had ever wanted in a guy. He was the one that made me happy. He was my shoulder to cry on. And he was my best friend. But then he left. I didn't hear anything for 3 years. Then he suddenly turns up with his new girlfriend and acts like what we had was nothing. Or at least in public. But in private, let's just say he is a completely different person...



1. Forgotten

Elena's P.O.V

"Zayn, please don't go." I said, crying and hugging him.

"I have to Elena. I wish I didn't but I do.' Zayn replied, his voice shaking.

Right now we were at the airport. The boys were leaving for a three year tour.

"Your going to forget about me. About us." I said

"Never." Zayn argued pulling away. "I love you Elena."

"I love you too Zayn. So much.' I replied smiling. Hearing him say that never gets old.

"Flight 104 to Baltimore Maryland is boarding in ten minutes" a voice said over the loud speaker.

"Well that's my cue..." Zayn said with a sad look on his face. He leaned in and gave me a long, passionate kiss on the lips. He wrapped his arms around my waist and I wrapped mine around his neck. We pulled away and put or foreheads together.

"Have fun ok? I'll be right here when you get back." I said looking him in the eyes.

"Forever and always." Zayn stated smiling down at me, love evident in his eyes.

"Forever and always." I repeated. I gave him a quick peck on the lips before escaping his grip.

"You better go before you miss your flight." I said lightly pushing him. He just stood there smiling at me.

"Zayn, you have to go. The boys are waiting for you." I giggled. He walked over to me and embraced me in a hug. He dug his head into my neck.

"I don't wanna go." he mumbled into my neck.

"Babe, you have to go. I'm not going anywhere." I laughed pulling out of the hug.

Then the rest of the boys came up to us.

"You ready to go Zayn?" Liam asked putting his hand on Zayn's back.

"No." Zayn answered simply while grabbing my hand and winding his fingers through mine.

"Come on Zayn! We are going to end up missing our flight! And then we won't get food!" Naill said tugging on his free arm.

"I don't wanna go." Zayn said shaking his head.

I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before the boys pulled him away. It felt like they were pulling my soul with them. He turned around to face me with tears streaming down his face.

"I LOVE YOU ELENA MARIE THOMAS! FOREVER AND ALWAYS! I'LL TEXT, CALL, SKYPE ANYTHING! I NEED YOU!" he shouted/sobbed, trying to fight the boys grip on him.


"You are my world." Zayn said with love in his eyes. He blew me a kiss before turning around and getting in line to board the plane. Just before he boarded he turned around and mouthed 'I love you.'

I did the same and waved. He smiled and then dissapeared onto the plane. The second he was out of sight, I fell to the ground and cryed my eyes out. He was gone. I had just lost all that mattered to me.


All of the memories of when we first met, first kissed, firsted fought and everything else in between, came flooding into my mind. God he had been gone what, five minutes maybe? And I was already missing him so much and wishing he would come back.

Then my phone beeps, signaling that I have a text message from Zayn. I opened it and read.

From- Zayn Is A Smexy Beast 24/7

Hey babe. I can tell that ur crying right now. Perk up! Time will fly by. And no I havnt forgotten about u. Stay safe and i'll see u soon. Luv u lots babe!


Reading that just made me cry harder. Knowing that he hadn't forgotten about me and that he loves me meant everything. I quickly sent him a reply.

From- ElenaCakes!!!

Thx Zayn that was just what I needed. And yes i am crying, on the airport floor to be exact. I miss u already and cant wait till I get to see ur face again. Luv you to! Forever and always!


I pressed send and put my phone on the ground next to me. By now my tears had slowed to a stop and I was just sitting there on the floor. I was to lazy to get up. Finally Zayn sent me a reply.

From- Zayn Is A Smexy Beast 24/7

WHAT R U DOIN ON THE FLOOR U SILLY GIRL!! I thought u would have at least waited till you got to the car. Ur face is causing me to lose sleep on the plane u know. Whenever I close my eyes thts all i see! Curse u and ur cute face!!!


I laughed out loud at his text. People were looking at me weird but I didn't care. I quickly sent him a reply.

From- ElenaCakes!!!

U say it like its a bad thing tht im stuck in ur mind! And u know me, im to lazy to get off the floor. Im actually still sitting here. Haha! Well ill let u sleep babe! Luv u!


I was about to put my phone in my pocket before I got one more text.

From- Zayn Is A Smexy Beast 24/7

Forever and Always.


I put my phone in my pocket and stood up. I had to get home. I walked to my car, got in and drove away. Away from the love of my life. And I had a weird feeling that something was going to go terribly wrong.

*************************************5 YEARS LATER*****************************************************

It has been five years since I have had any contact with Zayn or the other boys. We were good at first. We called, text, and skyped almost everyday. But then it all started slowing to a stop. He wouldn't answer my calls or reply to my texts. I figured it was cause he busy. But then when he didn't do anything or even acknowledge that it was our anniversery I realized what had really happened.

He had forgotten.

After the tour was done I waited in the airport for him. I waited hours and hours but he never showed up. He had left me alone.

And then that one day. I was sitting at home watching T.V when an interview came on. And who other then One Direction. I sat there and watched as they answered question after question with the biggest smiles. The interviwer asked them another question.

"Now boys, everyone wants to know, who's single and who's taken?" she asked with a fake smile.

"Taken." Liam said

"Single." Harry replied

"Somewhat taken. If you count food as a girlfriend." Niall said laughing.

"Taken." Louis said.

"Taken." Zayn said.

That gave me a spark of hope. Maybe he does remember me. The interviwer looked at him surprised.

"Oh really who is she?" she asked him.

"Her name is Hanna Jackson. She is very sweet." Zayn replied, pausing for a second before saying her name.

That made my heart crumble. He found someone else. I was replaced. I sat there watching the T.V with tears streaming down my face.

"And is she here right now?" the interviewer asked?

"Yep, she's backstage." Zayn said with a big smile on his face.

"Well then we have to bring her out! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Hanna Jackson!" she said. Everyone started clapping and cheering.

Then a girl, I assume was Hanna, walked out onto the stage. She was absolutly beautiful.

She had long, curl, red hair and bright green eyes. She was about the same height as Zayn and was pretty skinny. She was wearing a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, a neon floral top and strappy high heels. She paired it with gold braclets, a necklace with a dove on it and minimal makeup. She was absolutly gorgeous.

She waved to the crowd before walking over to Zayn and giving him a sweet kiss on the lips. He then pulled her onto his lap.

"Aw! You guys are so cute together! How long have you been dating?" Caroline asked. (OK SO I NAMED THE INTERVIEWER CAROLINE! I JUST GOT REALLY TIRED OF WRITING INTRVIEWER!)

"About four months, maybe?" Hanna replied smiling.

"And how did you meet?" Caroline asked, now clearly interested.

"Um, we met at a fair. We sat next to each other on a roller coaster." Zayn said.

"Now Hanna, is Zayn a good kisser?" Caroline asked.

Hanna blushed a little bit and chuckled before answering. "Yah he's great."

Suddenly the crowd started chanting "KISS. KISS. KISS KISS." Both Zayn and Hanna laughed but leaned in for a quick kiss.

"I only have a couple more questions for you two if that's alright?" Caroline said. They both nodded in reply.

"Ok the first one is for the both of you. Fans have been going crazy asking us this question. They want to know if you two have had sex with each other yet." Caroline said blushing a little.

This time, both Zayn and Hanna flushed a deep red. Hanna shook her head 'no' in response.

"Ok and my last question is for Zayn. Zayn, what happened to Elena? When you had left for tour a few years ago, it seemed like you two were really in love."

"Oh yah, um it just didn't work out. We couldn't take the seperation. It was putting to much strain on our relationship. It was a mutual decision." Zayn responded shyly.

"Well that's all the time we have for today folks. I'm your host Caro-" I turned off the T.V. in frustration.

He literally just lied about our relationship! It was most certainly NOT a mutual decision, being I didn't really now untill the tour was over! Was that all our relationship was? A big lie?!

I quickly got out my laptop and logged onto Twitter. All of the boys still followed me so I knew they would see this. I quickly typed up a new tweet. (SORRY IF THS IS ACTUALLY A TWITTER NAME!)

'@Elena.Marie- So much for Forever and Always! #WHATHAPPENED?'

I logged off and put my laptop away. And I just laid there thinking and crying.And that's how I fell asleep. Crying and thinking about what used to be the best relationship of my life.

^^^^^ZAYN'S P.O.V^^^^^

'@Elena.Marie- So much for Forever and Always! #WHATHAPPENED?'

Oh Elena, if only you knew...


Well, there's the prolouge! And it's long!!!




Find out if you keep reading!






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