LEMME TELL YEAH (an o2l fanfiction) COMPLETED (slowly editing)

You always think the guy you love is the one you will stay with forever untill he brakes your heart but then suddenly you fall for him again and think to youself why am i a dumbass


12. Truth be told

He looks at me like he hasnt prossed what i said oh shit i shouldve seen it coming.I hop off of my bed leaving Connor on there. I walk to the balcony and close the doors behind me. I find a little bench and sit there i start crying theres people below me that are stairing but i dont care at the moment. Just let me be alone here on this little bench.I hear the door open  i sigh oh great. Connor comes in front of me and kneels down i can see him threw my fingers so i know its him and kian the lazy ass is probly sleeping. Connor takes my wrists and puts them on my lap then he takes his finger and lifts my head up. Connor then gets up and i look up at him.He looks worried.

"Babe whats wrong you never let me say what i was gonna say truth be told i was gonna say i love you to but you ran off."

"so You really love me connor."I ask him smiling

"Ive never stopped."

He takes my hand and i get up smiling we walk back into our room and i let go of him and lay on our bed he lays right next to me pulling me closer to him when he puts his arms out i snuggle my head into his chest and lay here just thinking about how happy i am and how stupid i was acting when i was playing hard to get.

"You are mine.'' Connor whispers to me.

"Psh no bitch your mine."i whisper back

"Oh really." connor asks i can see his smirk.

"Yah really." i reply 



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