LEMME TELL YEAH (an o2l fanfiction) COMPLETED (slowly editing)

You always think the guy you love is the one you will stay with forever untill he brakes your heart but then suddenly you fall for him again and think to youself why am i a dumbass


7. Prom King and queen

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*2 hours after graduation is prom so its prom!*

I Walk into the Gym alone way to many people for comfort Looking around i see that every one has someone to be with except one.....Sam I wonder what he is doing here all alone he has friends but they look like there busy i rather call them assholes then his friends. I'm starting to feel bad for him so I walk over there and sit by him.

"hey sammers Whats up you don't seem okay."

"I'm a terrible dancer."

"Okay for one i'm a bad dancer to so don't let this get you depressed c'mon you only have one Senor prom."

"Your right."

"Well Cmon then lets go embarrass ourselves with our AMAZING DANCING SKILLS."

"Hahah lets do it."

Sam Takes my hand and we go to the dance floor dancing like idiots I honestly don't have a care in the world right now. Just dancing with my enemy like an idiot.We dance for an hour straight until a slow song comes on I look at Sam and He bows and says.

"My lady."

I laugh at the way he says it I take his hand and slow dance with him for about five seconds until Someone taps his shoulder Surprise Surprise Its Kian. Sam lets go of me and I whisper in his ear."Go dance with that girl over there she just got here and shes lonely i think she would like it." He Looks at her and smiles at me telling me thank you as he makes his way towards the girl.I Look over at Kian standing there. He takes my hand Pulling me closer to him i feel very uncomfortable I don't know why but i just do. When the song ends i get out of his arms The speaker comes on and i am the first one up there i hear murmurs from the crowd behind and next to me.

"Whos gonna win."

"shut up i cant hear."


Wow Wth these people are Just beyond insane they care about a stupid crown ahah woooow

"The Winner of the 2013 Prom Queen is Lily Pinkson."The principle says.

And now im thinking when the hell did i sign up for this when did i campaign I don't deserve it i don't even want it just stab me with a fork now please. I walk up to the stage and a bunch of cheer leaders scream in happiness as they put my crown on out of all the people they pick they pick cheerleaders to put a crown on people hahahah wow and when did i become so popular.The whole crowd screams now.Please say im going to the hunger games please please please. 
"The prom king of 2013 is Connor Franta."

PLEASE LET ME GO TO THE HUNGER GAMESSSSSS SO I CAN KILL MYSELF THE SECOND I GO IN THERE.Ugh not fallowing my attitude.On the outside i am haha not on the inside so suck it. People cheer as Connor comes up and gets his crown the principle smiles when Connor finally has it. Oh god i know that smile im gonna have to ..to SLOW DANCE WITH CONNOR NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! the principle says the same exact thing except in a different form but instead of no she said isn't this exciting.while i'm thinking I hate you allll!

Connor takes my hand and we walk down when we get to the bottom Music stats playing its never say never by the fray. An amazing song but so depressing. Connor pulls me close a little to close for comfort.a bunch of things whirl through my mind as i'm dancing with Connor when the song ends the DJ plays about 18 more songs when the last song ends the lights go up and i automatically walk out im the first one to the parking lot. I walk to my car to see that my tires are slashed.

"ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!" I scream in anger mabie a little to loud.

People walk over to my car to see my tires.great i made a seine just great. THIS IS FUCKTASTIC best night of my life woohoo yah NO!

"How am i supposed to get home now." I whine 

"I can drive you home." a voice says.

I whip my head around to see that its Connor I have no other choice but to so heres my ten minutes of hell starting NOW.A Bunch of people awwh because im the queen and he is the King. I grab my purse and phone out of my car and walk towards his i sit in the passenger seat and i see him smirk as he passes my window i huff this is gonna be a long ride home

*skipping Connor getting in the car and the car ride.*
"Well heres your house." he says parking in my driveway.

I see my mom come out of the house signaling for him to come in. He opens his door without hesitation smiling on his way to open my door. when he opens it i curse under my breath and walk to my house i Push aside my mom and go in. i smell something sweet...Brownies now Connor will never leave. thank you mom thank you. Connor and my mom walk in laughing im just sitting on the couch flipping threw the channels.

"Lily im taking pictures of you and Connor." My mom says.

I curse under my breath again and walk over to Connor.

*after pictures.*

   I change into my sweats  then take off my crown setting it on my table after that i take out my hair so its it normal curly self. and wash all my make up off until there nothing left. After that i walk down stairs and see my mom and Connor in the kitchen eating brownies and talking.

"Nancy these are amazing brownies i love them so much." Connor says grinning

"Here take them." she gets up to grab a plastic container and a lid.

I grab a brownie off of the tray.

"HEY Those are mine." Connor says loudly.

"My house my brownie." I walk away eating it.



I hear him stomp and i walk upstairs happily going straight to my room all i think about before i go to bed is i have to share a room with Connor and Kian for two weeks.......   


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