LEMME TELL YEAH (an o2l fanfiction) COMPLETED (slowly editing)

You always think the guy you love is the one you will stay with forever untill he brakes your heart but then suddenly you fall for him again and think to youself why am i a dumbass


1. I Hate you more

*alarm goes off*

Fuck my life its time for school the worst part of my fricken day.

Most people would agree with me saying ,Its boring And Stupid but i have a different reason every morning 5 days a week 6 boys walk into school making a scene by pushing a certain girl into a locker so she can get more brain damage.that girl is me. most girls think there amazing and beautiful but i see them as ignorant and ugly. I get off of my bed and make it so my mom doesn't  come after me with a knife. After that i get ready in five minutes its just school not a fashion shoot so why put dressy clothes on right Even though its the last day of school but screw the haters. I run down my down the hallway then the stairs then the downstairs hallway then out the door I walk outside with my keys and hop into my car.

*skipping car ride*

I pull into school as i get out i grab my bag then slam the door shut. I hear a voice behind me. "someones grumpy today."

i turn around to see its Connor so i automatically walk towards the school ignoring him.i Push open the doors and go straight to my locker to see my locker "buddy" Sam wasn't there. I was just so fortunate to have the last name Pinkson so i could be by one of my least favorite people in the hole entire fricken world. I open It as the front doors swing open i quickly shove my things in there and slam the door shut just in time. they circle around me like a pack of dogs .Kian shoves me into the locker with his hands on my shoulders.

"Hey slut."He sneers.

"what did i do."i mumble.

"Lily,Lily,Lily what didn't you do."Kian says shaking his head at me.

"Well i didn't fuck a prostitute last night that's for sure." i say smirking.

"Kian didn't fuck a prostitute last night."Sam says dryly.

"Oh im sorry. he fucked you."i say grinning.

"excuse me." Kian says letting go of me.

"Aw isn't that cute a bromance...lawlorff..... and your excused." i start to walk away.

"Girl yah nasty." Ricky says

"We all hate you."Trevor  says.

"Well i hate you more.'' i walk away and flip them off.

I'm such a nice person not really but seriously i have no idea what i did to them to make them hate me but I'm just so excited for summer brake to start so i can get them out of my life....


I run to an empty table and sit down. 5 seconds after i sit down i realize I'm at the boys table i quickly get up but I'm pushed down by Connors strength as he whispers in my ear.

"Do you ever miss me." my eyes grow wide and try to ignore him.  Connor and Kian sit by me just like old times.I take my lunch out of my bag and everyone starts eating my food.

"Wow thanks."i say annoyed.

"Her mom makes amazing Brownies do you guys remember them."Connor asks.

Everyone nods.By this point im just ready to go so i get up and leave.....  





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