LEMME TELL YEAH (an o2l fanfiction) COMPLETED (slowly editing)

You always think the guy you love is the one you will stay with forever untill he brakes your heart but then suddenly you fall for him again and think to youself why am i a dumbass


17. Every move i make every step i take Ill be missing you

''My prize position one and only i adore yeah  girl i want yeah the one i cant live without that's you''

-Justin Bieber 


I wake up on the floor on the hospital not knowing where i was but then remembering tears start coming down again. I see people putting flowers on her table and leaving.Has anyone told her mother they must have. Kian walks in and i look up at him he kneels down by me.

"Yes kian.'' I mumble  

"We should go back to the hotel to get some sleep and its not a yes or no question we have to leave while they run some tests on her okay?"he asks.

I nod and he gives me his hand to help me up i take it and get up. I walk over to Lily and  hold her hand while giving her a kiss on the lips whispering."I want you to know i love you baby you are my life and ill be back every day I wont give up on us." i let go of her hand waving bye hoping she can since that. Kian and i walk out the room and down the hallway we ride the elevator in silence.When we hear the ding i'm the first one to get out i make my way towards the car when i get there he unlocks the car we spend the whole ride in silence its weird because we usually talk and talk but we didnt its like theres a ghost of her where ever i go :/ i sigh and slide in my seat and get out when were back at the hotel. I walk past the lobby saying hi to no one who says hi to me im absolutely not in the mood for people.I take the stairs to my room wanting more alone time to myself. by the time i get to the top floor im exhausted i walk down the long and empty hall and in no time i reach my room but its more like ten minutes i use the card key and walk into my room i open the door walk in then slam it shut not wanting to disturb any sleeping person....Note the sarcasm...I walk into my room and cuddle up into my covers before i fall asleep i pray to got that she will be alright i just hope i just hope.....          

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