LEMME TELL YEAH (an o2l fanfiction) COMPLETED (slowly editing)

You always think the guy you love is the one you will stay with forever untill he brakes your heart but then suddenly you fall for him again and think to youself why am i a dumbass


34. Epolauge

16 years later In Connors pov*

We come today for her on this day August 22,2 years ago Me and my children lost someone very dear to Us and a lot of people. Its just us 4 today Marcus, Alyson, Sadie (shes five)and of course Me. We all walk to the grave hand and hand where we meet up with Kian,Sam,Ricky,Trevor,and Jc. They brought along there wives and children to. I read the grave stone and a tear goes down my face.

Lilianne Elizabeth Franta 1991-2029

May her heart rest in peace and be grateful the pain is over. 

Beside that theres a cancer sign once we found out about it. It was to late there is no cure for it ether. I stayed with her till the vary last second I held her hand and watched her take her last breath her last words were "Take care of them Connor. I love you very much thanks for the adventure." then the monitor went off I was paralyzed shock that she was gone from my world and everyone elses for forever I had Jc Pick up the kids from school they were 14 and now there 16. Alyson is an exact replica of her mom  has the same humor almost the same laugh same blue eyes same hair color texture Ect. You get the point. 

Marcus and Sadie go up to the grave and put flowers down.

"I miss you mommy." Sadie says and starts crying.

Marcus picks her up i see him crying to and I put my arm around Alyson and pull her close as she sobs. " I miss her so much."

"I do to Al I do to." I say also sobbing.

Its like a chain reaction pretty soon everyone Is sobbing. one by one everyone leaves saying sorry and take good care soon Its just me and the kids.

"Ill never stop Loving you pinkie." I say to the grave stone.

I start to cry again and hard. Hand and hand we walk away from her grave I look back at the stone but look forward again. Its like i'm loosing her all over again.  On the car ride home i have Marcus Drive back because I was emotionally unstable and he offered to so i wasn't  gonna pass that up. I pick up the memory book that she made for the Family I open a random page and look at a picture of us and the kids, Its the day before she found out she had cancer. I look at it and beneath it in cursive writing it says,"

 I Love you just remember. Dont let me being gone effect you everyday. When ever there's a rainy day  think about all the good times we've had together. Remind yourself of the days we have spent as a family or that time when i was pregnant with the twins and you came on set  to co star and would not let me say no and you asked me to dinner every night. Connor you have been one of the best things that happened to me besides Starbucks your below that just kidding lol...Possibly...ANYWAYS If you ever feel like you need me then know i'm right there mentally and psychically even when your sleeping ill be watching you. And if you ever let our children go into prostitution i will drag you to the grave not joking about that have a wonderful life my frantasaur.

XX your lover Pinkie/Lily 

I close the book astonished i never saw that before i put on my lap and never let it go just like i never let her go.

*Hours later*

   As i pick up the picture of me in Lily kissing in the rain I laugh to myself she used to believe that picture was cursed but i insisted it had to be in our room. even though she isn't here with me right now doesn't mean i cant be happy even though i miss her every day i am grateful she never gave up on me. throughout all the mistakes i made she always took me back. I can still remember the time that we went on that class trip and we were cuddling and kian walks in with a towel and i screamed at him or the time when someone slashed her tires so i had to drive her home and she pouted the whole way back and I wouldn't leave her house so she stayed upstairs the rest of the night. I put the picture frame back on the nightstand and turn the light off when i close my eyes i saw her face like i do every night and this time i didn't cry this time i felt like she was with me. The climb is hard but the view is great and in those mountains are stories the stories about me and lily. It was long ago but i remember it clear as day i made lots of mistakes but she forgave me we kept each other. out of all the people in the world she choose me and i was lucky I still love her to this day.So lets begin from the beginning lemme tell Yeah about it mabie it will change your perspective of life it sure did change mine.

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