LEMME TELL YEAH (an o2l fanfiction) COMPLETED (slowly editing)

You always think the guy you love is the one you will stay with forever untill he brakes your heart but then suddenly you fall for him again and think to youself why am i a dumbass


5. Diplomas

I walk outta my car.Remember perfect posture  and smile don't get pissed off easily.They day is here..Graduation the day I've been waiting for all my life after today I'm an adult.i walk down the hall and into the auditorium where i receive  many whistles and stares.God damn it the new look was to show that I'm done being throw around on lockers not to scream I'm a whore. Unbelievable.Right?Right? I look over and see Connor with his tux on He looks absolutely amazing he flips his hair(I like him with flippy hair better)and looks over towards me smiling I blush being the idiot i am and look away walking over to get my cap and gown.It is a shame that i have to put this black  piece of shit over my beautiful turquoise dress But what the hell....I put my gown on and it seems to me its about 3 sizes to big my cap on the other hand fits just right but im more worried  about getting lice now then graduating ive already got it in the sixth grade and i don't need it again. I adjust my cap a little bit and run into kian for the third fricken time im starting to think that he is doing this on purpose.Screw that i know he is doing this on purpose.

"I liked it better when you pushed me into a locker and called me a slut or whore ." I say rolling my eyes.

"I Like it better when you get all feisty with me and call me a pimp."Kian says while taking his phone out and  checking him self out making sure his quiff  is okay I roll my eyes and walk  away my phone vibrates and i see its my Aunt Laura telling me that she will be here today i text her back okay and run into someone. Thinking its Kian i speak up.

"GOD DAMN IT KIAN.'' I look up to see amazing green eyes instead of his brown ones.

"Oh sorry Connor...."I start but he cuts me off.

"You look beautiful today."Connor says grinning.

" You don't look bad yourself."i say 

I Turn around and walkaway sassily swaying my hips i can tell Connor and Kian are staring that's the main reason i walked away because Kian was walking over. I turn around and wink then walk away to my seat in the background i hear Connor and Kian arguing who it was for. I roll my eyes and laugh while i take my seat.  

"Are you ready."Sam says.

"I've been ready for years." i say smiling at him

When the people walk up on that stage i'm not thinking about them i'm thinking about  my memory's I've had up there from drama to singing now i get to graduate.

Before i know it there calling my name I walk up there with a big smile grab my diploma the walk off the stage as i quietly say to my self heres to my new life.


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I Love you all stay frantastic,Cloudy,and beautiful.

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