LEMME TELL YEAH (an o2l fanfiction) COMPLETED (slowly editing)

You always think the guy you love is the one you will stay with forever untill he brakes your heart but then suddenly you fall for him again and think to youself why am i a dumbass


14. Attacked

I walk out into the lobby its six in the morning and Connor is sleeping i left him a note this morning saying I was going shopping and there is nothing to worry about.Because Connor can be a nervous Bitch that's not a bad thing RIGHT RIGHT......The door to the Lobby opens Oh no its Brooke she is like the strongest person that i know and she hates me you know the slut connor left me for well its her and she was on the football team so she strong Like SUPERMAANNNNNNNNNNNN (Louis moment )strong She walks towards me angry oh know i think this is the revenge that she promised upon me 2 years ago.I run faster than i ever have before but its not strong enough.She grabs me by my hair and Knees me in the back so i fall on my knees thank god it wasn't my face.She Kicks me in the stomach multiple times making me puke blood out she pulls a knife out WHERE THE HELL DOES ALL OF THIS COME FROM SERIOUSLY WHERE! I pray to god before she stabs me in the side while screaming."THIS IS WHAT YOU GET BITCH." she pulls the knife out and i fall to the ground before blacking out......

(Ok so im gonna add Connors POV for the next couple chapters so just an FYI)

Connors POV

I hear the ambulance its like 8 o clock I turn to lily thinking she was there but she wasn't Oh god where is she I get my phone and call her and get voice mail....GOD DAMN IT. I PM her on twitter GODDAMNIT  WHY ISNT SHE RESPONDING. I go to the kitchen area of our room and find a note oh phew she went shopping wait it said she should be back by 7 its 8:30. Somethings wrong i know it . I go imto kians room to wake him up he yells at me then ca;ms down.

"Dude what do ya want."Kian asks 

"Lilys gone come and help me find her."I say 

Kian gets up and out of his bed quickly and we run out of the room together we press the elevator button 5 time before i say screw it and we run down the stairs we go up to the front desk and the clerk turns around and greets us.

"Hello Mr. Franta Mr. Lawley."

"Have you seen my girlfriend." I ask pulling a picture of her out.

"Oh yes i think she was takin to the hospital earlier this morning."She says calmly

"WHAT WHAT AND YOU DIDNT CALL ME!!!!!"I scream at her.

"Thank you Ma'am."kian says pulling me away from her.

He slaps me in the face."It will be okay Connor."

I hope it is i hope.......







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