Forget Forever

It was all perfect. I still remember staring out into the audience. Having those arms squeeze me. The huge jewel that shone on my finger, just like I used to.
People say to take a moment, breath it in. Remember it all. Because it's so good that you want to keep it, cherish it. Maybe if I had done that. Just maybe. Things would be different. Because now all I see. All I know is only one.
Jason McCann.
And I'm learning to

Forget Forever


4. Run

Pills. Pills. I'm gonna do it. What's the use of staying. Jason is gonna keep me here for who knows how long. So why not. I popped open the bottle, dumping a handful of tablets into my hand. I starred at them. They pierced holes through my eyes. I put them in my mouth before spitting em out. 

I couldn't say I was packing. I had nothing. But I was most certainly finding a way out of this hell hole. I didn't give a shit how badly I would be punished if found. The alternative was killing myself anyway. What's there to lose? I walked down the stairs to my luck Jason was already drinking. He shook his head his shaggy brown hair moving out of his eyes for a split second before falling back in place. I hated myself for realizing that he sorta looked like the younger version of Justin. He noticed me and a small grin formed on his face. I wanted to be sick. He disgusted me. He motioned for me to come over. Something inside me felt different. Again not giving a shit, I walked over with confidence. 
" Grab me a beer." He mumbled.
I walked into the kitchen, hair swaying behind me, not giving a fuck. 
I walked back over with his beer. I sat down and gave him it. He took a big swing before turning to me and scooting closer. My confidence soon began to drain. His hand was placed on my inner thigh making me tense up. He began rubbing moving closer and closer. His fingers found my jean button, he undid it. I smashed my lips to his, wanting to distract his needy hands. His tongue immediately slipped in my mouth and his hand moved from my crotch to my hips, he squeezed them. Hoping to satisfy him I let out a moan. He grabbed my butt and I felt like pushing him off. Was it wrong to pretend he was Justin? I knew if this went any further I would have to. Luckily it didn't. He ended up passing out, thanks to the alcohol. 

I sprinted as best as I could up into his bedroom. Opening his closet and finding a hoodie. As much as I hated it, and sure didn't wanna smell him. I had no choice. I needed something to cover my head with. Then I found the jar where he stashes his money. He thinks I don't know. When in reality, over the time I've been here I've picked up on a few things. I grab as much as I can and stuff it in my pocket. Since he passed out eruptively he didn't have a chance to lock the doors. Yes he locked them on the inside so I was basically trapped. But half the time I'm handcuffed to the head of the bed anyways. 

I got outside immediately wanting to stop and breath in the air. But I couldn't I had to run. I didn't know where I was going. I just ran. 

** A/N** Is it okay so far?

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